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548. When the Immeasurable Measured the Universe to belittle EGO.

Trivikrama is one among the numerous manifestations of Maha Vishnu. The name Trivikrama comes from the giant form that he took during the Vamana Avatar and conquered the three worlds Sky, Earth and Netherworld.

Legend has it that the King Mahabali, the grand son of Prahlada ruled this earth plane and his reign over the realm was characterized by peace and prosperity. The praise from all quarters about his kingdom being a model kingdom of reality, swelled his Ego beyond control and he thought of extending his kingdom to heaven and waged war against Devas. He successfully drove out Indra and Devas from heaven. Aditi, mother of Indra observed a penance called “payovrata” to help restore her son and pleased with her devotion Maha Vishnu was born as Vamana.

Vamana approached Mahabali who was conducting a yajna and in regard offering donations. Mahabali asked Vamana to choose anything that he wanted from his kingdom. Vamana asked for just three steps of land. And the king agreed readily looking at the small cute foot of Vamana. Suddenly, the dwarf sized Vamana grew into the skies and with one step covered the entire earth plane and with another step the heavens. This huge gigantic figure which measured the entire universe came to be called Trivikrama. With no place to keep His third step, Mahabali had to shed his Ego and offer his own head as the pedestal to the Lord as the third step. Taking this opportunity Trivikrama pushed Mahabali into the netherworld showing that Ego does not have existence in the society. Thus the immeasurable form measured the universe and belittled the ego.

The significance of three steps of land that Vamana sought from Mahabali is:  BhulokaBhuvarloka and Suvarloka

Bhuloka represents the Gross body as Physical plane consisting of the Pancha Indriyas (five senses) and Pancha Prana (five vital breaths).

Bhuvarloka represents the Subtle body as Mental plane consisting of Mind and Intellect.

Suvarloka is the Causal body as Spiritual plane in which the Consciousness permeates everything from an atom to the vast thing in the Cosmos.

This is what King Mahabali offers to the Lord at last when He asked for the space to keep His foot. 

As Trivikrama permeates the whole universe so does He permeates our body as the Vyana Vayu governing the circulation of blood to all parts of our body.

The word Trivikrama is explained by Sri Sri Sankara in his commentary on Sri Vishnu Sahasranama as “He who encompassed the Three Worlds with three steps of His feet is Trivikrama”. The name also expresses that He pervades the three worlds the astral, physical and mental and has transcended beyond the three states of wake, dream and deep sleep, thus attained the infinite consciousness. By pervading the three worlds He shows us that He is Omnipresent, hence is present everywhere and is always besides us watching and protecting us.

Today, Bhadrapada Shudha Dvadashi is Vamana Jayanthi and by just remembering Him on this auspicious day as Trivikrama, one can get a great solace if their near and dear ones are far away from them or for those who are homesick. If we have a thought that He is always with us as our nearest and dearest and as the best of our friends who never deserts us, He is there wherever we are, however far away from our home………. Isn't it???

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  1. The ego doesn't have to be present for us to exist, we are not ego but the ego is us if we allow it to be so.