Tuesday, June 7, 2016

833. Humour is laughing with others.......not at others!!!!

A Practical joke or a Satire should be framed from a combination of its corrective intent and its literary method of presentation. It does not seek to bully or mock anyone personally to get the joy out of it. Samba the son of Sri Krishna and Jambavati was one among the Panchaveeras along with Vasudeva (Krishna), Sankarshana (Balarama), Pradyumna (son of Rukmani and Krishna) and Aniruddha (son of Pradyumna and Kakudmati). But due to his bad behaviour and his habit to play prank on everyone around he lost the stature. It was his one stupid practical joke which wiped of the entire Yadava Clan.  Samba and his friends planned to play a prank on sages. Samba dressed up like a pregnant women stuffing a huge mace in his stomach. One of his friends asked the sages to predict the gender of the baby. The sages learning about the prank cursed them that the thing inside will destroy the whole clan. It was that mace which was grinded and thrown into the sea that sprouted as Eraka grass. Yadavas fought among themselves with the Eraka grass in inebriated state. Samba and his friends amused themselves with a dangerous situation.

To pull the leg of others to get amused is not the only way to feel entertained. When I make fun of others I am probably degrading and disrespecting them. I always feel that one can experience joy by getting involved in other person’s happiness and well-being. We have forgotten that there is delight in rejoicing the jubilation of others. Such a feel is called “Mudita” in Sanskrit. Lack of it causes envy and jealous which triggers us to play prank and satire. In this modern era it is fashion to mock and imitate a famous personality in bad taste. I do not know if a few think by doing so they would get publicity as there is no envy or jealousy to have triggered them to act so.

If it is just to get publicity it should be dealt with proper decree as no one has rights in my country to mock others to get mileage. There is nothing wrong in entertaining the society with stand-up comedy and satires but one has to draw a line and not cross it. A famous personality might be above such cheap acts of a publicity monger, but there are chances that it could offend the one who admire that personality. 

There is ample scope for the expression of speech in my country but that does not mean one should disrespect anyone in the name of expression of speech. The prospect of amusing one's recipients is an incentive for some people to spread degrading information about others in a sarcastic way. On the other hand one can be amused and make others feel entertained by keeping away from sarcasm. When creativity in humour is lost the last resort to a standing comedian is petulance ..What say???        

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