Wednesday, June 22, 2016

838. Can Passion be the source of Income???

I received a cheque for Rs.700 when my first article “The Power of Chanting Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam” was published in the Speaking Tree column of TOI in 2002. It was a token of appreciation from the publishers. My friends pulled my leg saying that by sending an article I had got a cheque which would take care of one year subscription of the newspaper. I never expected the publishers to remunerate for that write up as it was my passion to write my thought. After that one write up to the Speaking Tree I continued to write and post in Blogger and F B. The saga continued to one thousand. Knowing about the post my friends and well wishers advised me to approach a publication house and bring out a book. But writing is my passion alone.

Passion should never be the source for income is my logic. Many feel that when passion becomes profession it is better. Profession is a job responsibility through which you earn while passion is what you give back. Profession allows for a dream to come true and also could take it away. Passion is just to make you satisfied. The illusion that the pursuit of money is almost directly linked to the pursuit of happiness is the reason for some to feel that profession can be passion too. Passions sometimes get to be passions, because they don’t have any attachments or expectations. One of the more irresponsible interpretations of “following your dreams” is the assumption that it brings happiness. A lot has been said about quitting and never looking back in the pursuit of their passion. But, I think it's not necessary to convert passion into a profession.

In earlier days when kings ruled the land the passion was encouraged by the royals and was sponsored. And this was the reason we are fortunate to see the rich Art and Architecture which stands outliving the royals and the one who did it for passion. In democracy it will be foolishness to expect the administration to sponsor a true talent. Moreover anything which is done with passion is more creative than those delivered from a professional angle. 

Many argue that passion and profession go hand in hand by siting the example of Sachin Tendulkar.  Just because society rewards the 1% of folks whose risk having passion as profession it doesn’t mean it is the right path for the rest of 99%. Instead of focusing on how many ideas you have, try to uncover your true strength. Saint Kabir was a weaver by profession while was passionate to put his thoughts through dohas (couplets).

Some people use passion to escape from the mad rat race of making money through profession. They feel they were never born to earn pay bills and die. They value the idea of mission and want to be defined not by their professional earnings, but by what they love doing and that which they think could be their part of giving back to society. Moreover passion is not a dream with unicorn rides on a rainbow, instead it is sacrifice.  

I very well know that this write up would bring in mixed responses and some may agree while some may disagree. But I would appreciate any thought as it could give me a better dimension to look at.  Looking forward for your views friends!!!

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