Friday, June 24, 2016

840. Good and Bad come in a mixed bag.....!

The war was furious and death dance on either side of the army at war. Learning about the death of Indrajit, Ravana became irritated and with his last contingent of army he came to fight against Shri Rama and Lakshmana. Shri Rama severed the heads of Ravana one by one by showering arrows while sitting on the shoulders of Hanuman. All the nine of them and the tenth was also cut yet Ravana did not succumb. Vibhishana revealed the secret that the Prana Vayu (vital breath) of Ravana was in his Nabhi (navel). Shri Rama aimed at the navel of Ravana. The mighty Ravana fell.
Shri Rama asked Lakshmana to go and learn Raja Neti (Political Science) from the dying Ravana. Lakshmana stood near the head of Ravana. Ravana insisted Lakshmana to stand near his legs and listen to what he has to say regarding the Raja Neti.

Ravana spoke to Lakshmana thus “Never go against your charioteer, gatekeeper, cook and own brother, they can harm you anytime. Do not think you are always a winner, even if you are winning. Trusting your minister who criticises you is must. Never underestimate your opponent as I did with Hanuman. Your destiny will rule your life never think you can outsmart it. Belief in God or disbelief either way it has to be strong and immense you should never be sceptical.  A king who is eager to win glory must suppress greed as soon as it lifts its head, and welcome the smallest chance to do good to others, without the slightest procrastination.”
Now from this episode of Ramayana one can easily make out that the good and bad trait is in a mixed form in every individual. One who rejects the bad and takes the good even from an evil predominant person, he is at gains. 

There is a sutra in Nyaya Sutras “Hamsa Ksheera Nyaya“(Maxim of selective absorption). This maxim is about a mythical swan which has the capacity to separate milk from a mixture of milk and water and relish just the milk rejecting the water part. It is such a simple maxim.

Everything we experience in life has a lot of choices. Life offers us a mixed bag. For example the electronic media has many things beamed in different channels both positive as well as negative news. We can choose what to watch and what to ignore by using the remote. More or less every aspect of our day to day life is the same we have advice, comments, information, opinions and views which are like mixed bags; milk and water both in them. It totally depends on our judgement and skill to extract just the milk out of it. This is not something which we can develop overnight; it takes a lot of time and experience to know the difference between milk and water.

It is not that we don’t commit mistakes while following this maxim, its more on stands we take and faiths we believe in making those stands. People who show interest in absorbing the good from the mixed bag interest me. I might have given an advice or a comment; I know it will have both the good and the bad part in it. I love when people use their individuality in absorbing the right stuff. It might initially hurt me that they didn’t consider what I said, in the long run these are the things which makes me admire a person……Am I right???

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