Monday, June 13, 2016

834. Is there anything new for me to write???

My daily posts have touched the thousand mark. Yes, it could be a milestone. It can be considered an achievement too, but have I written anything new???

My posts are for public view on Face Book as well as on Blogger. I have not restricted it to my friends alone. Every write up posted has many of the Face Book users reading them. Some click the like button and some do post their views on the subject. I have always considered those views by my fellow seekers to be the value added thoughts to polish my thinking process.

A few of them send me messages through Messenger or E-mail advising me to write something new apart from quoting some stories from Puranas or anecdote from history or a parable from a scripture. I always wondered what is a new thought which some want to know??? I have questioned many why they want me to write something which is unheard??? A few of them have put counter questions which is haunting me for sometimes now.

The questions are as follows:

Were you present when the character in your write up said so???

You have quoted many philosophers in your write up; do you know it is their original words???

Do you want us to believe those characters existed in the first place???

And the list goes on and on…..

For all those friends I wish to say “There is nothing new in Spirituality” As a Hindu I am aware that there is not even a single emotion or feeling or logic or reasoning which Bhagvan Vyasa has not mentioned in his scriptures. What we write and post now is bold and clear in Bhagvan Vyasa’s literature.

Some even question me about the existence of Bhagvan Vyasa. Time just passes on, it does not erase the history. Mahatma Gandhi existed in the first half of the 19th century and some of our grandparents would have seen him too. In another millennium people could be reading his thoughts while some would doubt his existence altogether.

As far as what the philosophers have stated remains relevant even to this day if we take it in the right perspective. There is nothing new to be added to it or create anything new for the new generation. Many ancient seers and philosophers have apprehended Truth in many scriptures and set them in an AUTO-FOCUS mode to help the seekers to get the experience of it by mere contemplation, there is no need to meddle with it.

Truth is comprehensible only from certain wavelength. The intellect which has the limited capacity to comprehend has to be pleased with what is clear to it, if it goes on to scrutinise more, Truth gets distorted. Just like how a lens man has to stop adjusting the focus cam when he has got a clear image of the object he wishes to capture in his camera. If he tries to rotate the focus cam even after the vision is crystal clear he will only blur the image again and stand at square one……What say???

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