Thursday, June 23, 2016

839. Solitude is absence of Noise not Sound….!

Solitude is a relief and it brings in the joy. Solitude does not mean being lonely but being alone. Even when one assumes to be in solitude he has a dialogue running in his mind. The talk between two thoughts is constantly happening. No, it is not wrong to have such a dialogue but it is the difference that creates the problem and that difference is due to the individual identity. 

“I” become a seeker of getting rid of that thing which should not be there and so any sort of difference is caused only by this kind of display of identity. When that “I” is just the witness instead of being a participant then there is no chaos. Can that “I” remain just as a witness??? Yes, when the other identifications are negated it can. 
Sage Dattatreya talks of this negation which he learnt from a woman. Once he was wandering in a village and it was lunch time and he approached a house to seek Bhiksha (alms). The woman of the house requested him to wait as she had to prepare the meal. She had a toddler to take care too. The infant was asleep in the cradle and so she thought she could cook food for the Sage.  

She offered him a seat and went inside. She found that she had little rice in the storage. She had paddy and she had to pound the paddy to separate the husk. She started pounding the paddy. While pounding the paddy the glass bangles she was wearing on her hands made the clink sound.
She thought that the clink sound would wake up her child and she would find it difficult to cook for the Sage. To avoid the noise made by these bangles. She started removing the bangles one by one. 

Sage Dattatreya who was watching this noticed that out of the 9 bangles on the hand, the woman removed 8 of them letting the ninth one remain. And she began pounding again. Now there was no noise at all. Yes! It takes two to make noise, Sage Dattatreya understood.

The ninth bangle too was making the sound but it was not noise. Sound itself is not noise until it harmonics is disturbed. Sound is a form of energy that is transmitted by pressure variation which the human ears can detect. Noise is unwanted sound. Again this noise is subjective, what is noise to me could not be so to others and what is sound to me could be noise to others. The level of perceiving the sound as noise and noise as sound depend on the individual.  

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