Tuesday, June 14, 2016

835. He is everywhere……….!

Once Sage Narada arrived at Virndavan and walked straight into the chambers of Rukminidevi. There he saw Rukminidevi washing the feet of Sri Krishna. As soon as Sri Krishna saw Sage Narada, He got up and greeted the sage. After a brief talk with the Lord Sage Narada left from there. After departing from there Sage Narada entered the chamber of Satyabhamadevi. To his astonishment he saw Satyabhamadevi fanning the sleeping Lord Krishna. Then he hurried to the chamber of Jambavati, he saw Jambavathi talking to the Lord. Likewise he visited all the chambers of the eight Ashta Sakhis of the Lord.  Kalindhi was sleeping on His lap, Mitravrinda offering sliced fruits to Him, Nagnajiti was dressing Him, Badra was listening to His flute recital and finally Lakshmana was relaxing with Him on a swing. Sage Narada found that Lord was present with all of them.

Sage Narada saw all the manifestations of the Lord, who played the role of an ordinary human. He went straight to Him and asked “My dear Lord of all mystic powers, object of the meditation of great mystics, you are truly the Supreme, the extent of your mystic power is inconceivable. But by your mercy, you have very kindly revealed me some of your mystic powers. Now please bestow me your blessings so that I may be able to travel all over the universes and find you wherever I go.”

Lord Krishna then replied, “O, my dear Narada, many visualise me due to Anubhoda, the perception of me which is got by knowing about me. It is Vritti Rupa, the patterned reflection which is Vishayavat (objective). As it is objective it is generic in nature. A few know me from Anubhuti, feeling of me got by being aware of me. It is Sattva Rupa, the essential reflection which is Tattvavat (Subjective). As it is subjective it is specific in nature. Very rare are those souls who become one in me to have the Anubhava, experience me in them. It is Swarupa, the innate reflection which is beyond the objective and subjective. There is no word to express that state ‘O Narada. That state is obtained by practising Atmopasana (adoring Atma of self and all). Atmopasana is not a difficult task. It is to raise the mind to the higher level, thus transcending the limitations imposed by the body-mind complex. You saw me everywhere only because you have me in you always and also find me in all. I am everywhere to those who have me in their mind always. I manifest only because you take me along with your thoughts. All my Ashta Sakhis too have me in their mind and hence they seldom feel my absence. It is purely the will of the seeker to take a call if he wishes to have me always with him.”  

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