Friday, July 1, 2016

845. INTUITION- The Inner Tuition.

“Hridayam” is the Sanskrit word to a device which pumps blood to the other parts of the body. Why that particular word? The derivation of the word Hridayam is “Harati Dadati Yapayati Iti Hridayam”. 

Harati is to take, Dadati is to give and Yapayati is to infuse, this is what the Cardiologist say is the function of the Heart. Some call it Dil, Gunde, Idayam, Qalb, Hati, Mutu and so forth but I call it Hridayam. Whatever it is called, it is our “Bloodline” it draws bad blood from the different parts of the body, gives it to lungs to purify it with the oxygen inhaled and infuses it to again to all the parts of the body. Heart pumps with the correct pressure needed to make the blood move throughout. Pumped blood carries oxygen and the required nutrients to the entire body. Also there toxin in the muscles and tissues to be carried and cleaned by kidneys to avoid build of acidosis and alkalosis which affect the pH levels. This is the objective of a Bhautika (Physical) Hridayam.

Now let us relate it to Adhyatmika (Spiritual) Hridayam. Divinity is the device which operates similar to the Heart. Some call Him Almighty, Allah, Rub, Rama, Krishna, Ahura Mazda and so forth but I call IT Sri Hari. Whatever He is called, He is our “Lifeline” He draws our blemishes from the episodes of our life and gives it to Mind to purify it with Intellect. Divinity provides us correct people needed to make us aware by means of Satsang (Company of Good). Also there is exchange of thoughts which indicates that the selfish and self-centred thoughts affect the well-being. As blood is pumped in, the Divinity pumps in intuitions to us. Hence the blood flow in the Bhautika Hridayam and the flow of intuition in the Adhyatmika Hridayam is similar.

There is a condition in the Physical Heart which the Echocardiographers’ term it as “Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (Enlarged Heart)”. The Heart’s main pumping chamber which is the left ventricle become harder and gets enlarged. It becomes so large and stiff in efforts to pump more blood and give the body the life it needs is impossible and eventually the heart suffers an attack. Our spiritual hearts also can become hard and inflate. The reason to this could be many most important could be EGO (Edging God Out). Unless we surrender to Divinity through regret and remorse we will let our spiritual hearts become stiff, resistance, and hypertrophied. 

Bhautika Hridayam functions from the centre of the Kaya (Body) while Adhyatma Hridayam operates from the Atma (Self).  As is blood to the Bhautika Hridayam so is the intuition to the Adhyatma Hridayam. Stop of both could put an end to physical and spiritual being respectively. 

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