Tuesday, July 5, 2016

847. What does it mean to Sacrifice???

Tyaga is the pinnacle of Vairagya...............

Sacrifice is assumed as a selfless act wherein someone does something for the benefit of others. But sacrifice is not only a selfless act but it is and should be Svadharma of every human being to forgo something to others who are in much need of the thing than themselves. Such kind of thought comes only if a person has detachment towards that thing which he has to sacrifice.

A wealthy lawyer and successful businessman went to a village on a tour; they were accompanied by the Sapanch, the village head. They saw by the side of the road, in a field a boy was pulling a wooden plough along with an ox and his father was holding the plough handles and guided it.

The lawyer was amused he turned to the Sarpanch and said, “That’s surprising they have a single ox to pull the plough. And the boy is holding the other side. I suppose they are very poor.”

The Sarpanch said, “Yes that is one of the poor families here. When a pond was to be built here, they were eager to give something and help the cause, but they had no money, so they sold one of the oxen and gave the money to build the pond. This spring we have ample water in the pond which has helped all to start their agricultural activities. You are seeing this boy pulling the plough with the other ox to till the land they have.”

Both the men were silent for several moments. Then the businessman replied, “That must have been a real sacrifice.”

The Sarpanch said, “They did not feel that it was an act sacrifice. They thought they were fortunate that they had oxen to sell and be a part in constructing the pond.”

The lawyer who was listening to both intervened, “I think it was foolishness to sell their ox and donate the money, my take is if you have enough you should donate.”

Sarpanch replied, “What is enough? What is the limit from where to think, he should donate?  For the farmer's family it was not Tyaga but it was Yagna. I agree that sacrifice means giving something, but it does not mean losing something. In giving, they did not lose their ox. It is difficult to understand the meaning of sacrifice here.”

The lawyer shot back, “Sarpanch ji you are the head of the village you should have stopped them from coming forward to offer, since you already knew they were poor.”

Sarpanch replied, “The thought of sacrifice is inbuilt, sacrificial attitude come without preaching or will never cease by any advising, it is a sacrament to have one. Not all possess it, selfish nature is the also inbuilt quality and the desire to have more and more hinders one to have such sacrament. Sacrifice is summoning of the higher power into one’s own self, and a consequent surrender of the lower self for the higher dimension of one’s own being”.

The businessman asked, “Selling the ox to fulfil their wants is justified, but to give away what is needed is astounding to me. How is it possible???”

Sarpanch replied, “If a person has realised his life purpose there is no doubt in him about his wants, thus is our ancient belief. When we know what we want from life, nothing else matters. We realise how unimportant our unwanted attachments called “WANTS” are.”

Nasti Vidya Samam Chakshu
There is no greater “Vision” than the “Vision of Knowledge.”

Nasti Satya Samam Tapaha
There is no greater “Austerity” than the “Austerity of Truth.”

Nasti Raga Samam Dukham
There is no greater “Sorrow” than the “Sorrow got from Attachment.”

Nasti Tyaga Samam Sukham

There is no greater “Happiness” than the “Happiness got from Sacrifice.” 

No one knows if the lawyer and the businessman were convinced by what the Sarpanch said.....but tilling of land by the father son duo along with the ox continued to prepare the soil for sowing the seed.......!

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