Tuesday, July 26, 2016

851. The Rich Poor Parity.....

Rich and poor parity is too large in my country. My country was ruled by many dynasties for centuries, though one cannot say that the poor section of people never existed at those times the gap between the haves and have not was not too large. Moreover the abundance was experienced by all, even though it was difficult to some to make the two ends meet it was not impossible.

As civilization progressed the wedge between rich and poor has increased. The rich are growing rich and the poor are stuck down. The economic policy which my country witnessed at the time of Kauntilya was different the Artha (wealth) did not breach Dharma (righteousness).  Modern day economic policy help the rich to go richer. There is no harm in the rich being richer but never it should be at the cost of poor. Economic freedom for a few should not result in economic slavery for many.
No, this write up is not advocating socialism but aims ati limiting capitalism. The logic here is that rich pay taxes, rich pay more taxes' concept ditches the poor very badly. No rich man in the human history became poorer by paying high taxes. In contrast, the poor who has not paid any taxes continue to grow poorer.

For example, the cost of diesel is the same for a auto-rickshaw driven by a auto driver or a tractor used by a farmer in his field and a BMW owner. The present philosophy of equality has neither ensured equality nor equity but has perpetuated poverty. Classes among the masses continue to emerge. The divisions are becoming deeper and the enmity sharper. Differences crop up among a country men, among small groups and among states.

Though welfare governments take care of the immediate needs of such vulnerable sections of societies, the show can't go on forever. Economic giants, policy planners, and sociologists must sit together for a futuristic agenda, which will ensure a life with dignity.

A futuristic, welfare state is not the one that solves a present crisis amicably but, averts a future one. Every rich of the world has got a Charity. Appreciable! But no self respecting individual likes to live a life of charity for ever. They want parity. It would be a pity that if we go on talking about piety or empathy, without helping the needy to stand on their own. The crutches are a burden, for a person who has learnt walking on his own isn’t it.

I bow to that Spiritual Guru or a Political Leader who does something to thin the rich poor parity.

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