Monday, July 4, 2016

846. They are Expressing……. Just Interact to it!!!

Sun expresses by rising up over the Horizon. Interact by gazing it to boost Dhi Shakti (Higher Intellect). 

Moon expresses by shining to reflect. Interact by feeling the rays to enhance Chi Energy (Life Force).

Stars express by its twinkle the whole night. Interact by just wondering over the wonder of it.

Ocean expresses by letting its waves caress the shore. Interact by touching the waters to boost immune.

Rain expresses by letting its drops kiss the earth. Interact by harvesting it to reduce dependency of ground water.  

Lightning expresses with an enormous strike. Interact by admiring the glitter of the whole landscape for a fraction of a second.

Mist expresses by spraying the dew. Interact by experiencing the cooling effect on your face.

Stream expresses by making its water gurgle. Interact by listening to it to let your mind relax.

Mountain expresses by standing tall and swift. Interact by trekking on it to reach the summit.

Earth expresses by letting vegetation grow. Interact by restraining from contaminating her further.  

Tree expresses by casting its shadow. Interact by taking shelter when it is too hot.     

Grass expresses by swaying in the field. Interact by synchronising your eyes with it to dance.

Flower expresses by blooming in a plant. Interact by decorating your imagination with it.

Fruit expresses by ripening in a tree. Interact by patiently waiting for it to relish.  

Seed expresses by sprouting into a sapling. Interact by nurturing and nourishing it.

Bird expresses by flapping its wings. Interact by being a part of its freedom and soaring high with it.

Lamp expresses with its glow. Interact by letting it brighten your path.

Lover expresses with a smile on the lips and spark in the eye. Interact by giving the same back, but with extra dosage.

Musician expresses by melting with the music. Interact by getting merged with the tune.

Artist expresses by presenting his art. Interact by appreciating the work of art.  

Writer expresses by posting his write up. Interact by reviewing the thoughts expressed in the article.  

Disciple expresses with quest for answers. Interact by trying to realise the questions he has.

Guru expresses in absolute silence. Interact by comprehending the answers found in that silence.

Absolute expresses by bestowing His grace. Interact by aligning with Him always with Consciousness.    

As a human it is quite natural to ask “What do I get by interacting with those expressions?”

My friends, one who has interacted will know that the JOY flows involuntarily always irrespective of the situations and circumstances……. Am I right???      

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