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848. If Sri Krishna supported Kauravas was Duryodhana entitled to win the war???

War was inevitable as Duryodhana disagreed to part minimum of five villages to the sons of Pandu. Sri Krishnas’ efforts as an ambassador for Pandava brothers did not yield expected results. Preparations for the war began, Kauravas and the Pandavas tried to get the support of more and more kings from far and wide. 

Dwaraka too had a large contingent of army. Duryodhana went to Dwaraka, to ask for the support. Sri Krishna was sleeping Duryodhana went and took a seat beside his head and waited for him to wake up. At the same time, Arjuna also came to Sri Krishna to ask for His support to the Pandavas. Arjuna sat near Sri Krishna's feet and waited. Krishna woke up and came to know about their requests. Both were dear to Him so to help out He said either of them can choose between the army (Narayana Sena) and Himself (Narayana) and most importantly Sri Krishna makes it clear whoever choose Him will just get His moral support, He will not take up any weapon and fight. First preference to make the choice was given to Arjuna as Sri Krishna saw Arjuna first as He woke up. Arjuna, without batting an eyelid chose Sri Krishna’s moral support. When Duryodhana heard Arjuna's choice, he was very happy. He thought Arjuna was a fool to choose Sri Krishna, who wouldn't even fight in the war, would be of no use to him; Krishna's huge army would certainly be of help.

Now, what would have happened if Duryodhana had chosen Sri Krishna???

Would Sri Krishna have provided moral support to Kauravas who were Adharmic???

If Sri Krishna was to be supporting Kauravas was Duryodhana entitled to win the war???

Well, as per my understanding about what Vyasadeva has mentioned about Dharma is that “Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha” (Dharma protect those who uphold it). Kauravas had 11 Akshauhini Sena (21,870 elephants; 65,610 cavalry and 109,350 infantry constitute one Askhauhini Sena) including the 2 got from Sri Krishna. They were fighting against Pandavas who could manage only 7 Akshauhini, yet Kauravas failed to embrace victory. If the 2 Akshauhini Sena from Dwaraka had supported Pandavas then either side would be having 9 Akshauhini Sena and there would have been a perfect balance in terms of contingents. This hints that even the strongest force cannot assure victory if one chose the path of “Adharma”.

If Duryodhana had opted for Sri Krishna, I think there would have been no war at all and from where would the question of who is going to win arise???  Duryodhana failed to comprehend the Divinity in Sri Krishna. At the time of Sandhana (mediation) Duryodhana tries to capture Sri Krishna and orders his men to tie Him up. Sri Krishna assumes the universal form. Everyone present in the royal court has the vision of the universal form of the Lord. Even the blind king gained vision temporarily by the grace of Sri Krishna and was able to see the Viswaroopa. Duryodhana too could see the universal form of the Lord but he dismissed it dubbing it was the conjurer's trick and illusion which could not impress a warrior like him, instead it would provoke anger in him. 

Stupidity is seeing Truth and knowing Truth, but still having faith in Untruth….. Even Absolute can never help such a character………..What say???  

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