Friday, September 1, 2017

1083. I have no Grievances....!

Kurai Ondrum Illai Marai Moorthy Kanna….
I have no Grievances, O Kanna, the invisible Lord. 

These are the starting lines from a Tamil Devotional song composed by freedom fighter & last Governor-General of India Sri. Chakravarthi Rajagopalachari. In this composition he is expressing his gratitude towards Kanna (Krishna) by saying he has no grievance whatsoever. How true, we can feel so only if we firmly believe that He is with us always. The belief that He will look after our Yogakshema (welfare).

When I was in college my father handed me a book by this great writer. It was Mahabharata, the book which introduced me the epic in a very special way. From then on my interest in reading did not stop. In this regard I am indebted to Rajaji (C.R is fondly called Rajaji).

Last week the water purifier at our house was not delivering the water. The service engineer was called in to look at the issue. He removed the unit and replaced the filter candle. The old candle was filled with sedimentary slurry. Engineer explained that the filler in the unit had purified the water by not allowing the slurry to pass through it. The slurry thus sieved had clogged candle and hence had to be replaced. He also advices us to replaced the candle at regular intervals. If done so the water purifier would be in good condition. Great work we thought.

There is a Dialysis centre near our factory. We often see patients who come regularly to get the Dialysis done. Kidney is the Gods arrangement in our body just like the filter candle in the water purifier. But it is His creation which is designed to last the entire life span if maintained properly. This internal organ filters the waste and fluid from the blood and its working is important to have a balanced health. 

If a unit which filters water need a regular change of the candle just imagine if we would have needed to replace kidney, what would be our state. 

Now with everything I need is looked after by Him, I need to tell Him “Kurai Ondrum Illai Marai Moorthy Kanna….”

I have no Grievances, O Kanna, the invisible Lord.

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