Thursday, September 7, 2017

1085. Decision Making......tough or easy???

The most difficult and also the easiest is the decision making. It is a process that helps to map out the consequences of the action. It allows reaching out for the course of action that will help achieve the objective. In other words, it is in the moments of decision that the future is decided. It is a choice that may be favourable or adverse to the individual which is known only after the results of that decision unfurl.

When the Kauravas hitched a plan to eliminate Pandavas by designing the Laksya Griha (House of Lax) it was the decision of Vidura to have a tunnel dug that saved Pandavas and Kutidevi. This was timely decision.

Of the two wives of Sage Kashyapa, Kadru came to know that the thousand eggs of Vinata had hatched, she took a hasty decision of breaking open one of her two eggs. Aruna emerged with only half of his body formed. Hasty decisions make waste.  

Bhishma decides to remain unmarried and will not change his decision even when Satyavathi wants him to reconsider. Amazingly it was the decision taken because Satyavathi wanted her child to be the next king of Kuruvamsha. There came a time when she wanted Bhishma to get married and produce a son to extend the clan. That was a firm decision from Bhishma.       

Queen Kaikeyi saved her husband King Dasharatha who was fighting with Samhasura by holding the chariot wheel from slipping out of the shaft. Dasharatha took an emotional decision of granting her three boons which Kaikeyi used it to send Shri Rama to forest and wanted Bharata to be coronated. Emotional decisions could bring agony.  

Not to disturb the sleeping Guru Parashurama, Karna made an absurd decision when the beetle bit him. Feeling the wet blood Parashurama could make out that a Brahmin could not have tolerated the pain, Karna was a Kshatriya. Absurd decisions push us into murky situations.

At the verge of the Great War, Arjuna made a silly decision. He put down his weapons and said he will not kill his relatives for mere throne of Hastinapura. This decision of his was unacceptable as a Kshatriya, his Kshatra Dharma says; he has to fight the unjust. Sri Krishna then had to give him a sermon amidst the war field.

After lecturing Sri Krishna tells Arjuna that He had only talked about the realities of life and it was purely his decision to participate in the war. Sri Krishna did not order Arjuna to take a decision to fight instead He let him decide.

At the start of this write up I had told it is very difficult and easiest to make decisions. There are times when we need to make big decisions and at those times if we make a small decision to let Him decide then the decision made will be favourable. If not,; it is yet the best because deep inside we do have a feeling that it was His decision and there could be a bigger meaning to it.

Now the question is how do we let Him decide???

There is confusion while making a decision and it is better to go by the intuition rather than instinct. Intuitive decision making comes from Sub-Conscious Intelligence it is the mysterious “knowing without knowing”. It is also free from deliberation. It is simply aimed at the purpose of the deed than the fruit of the deed.   

Sri Krishna telling Arjuna to fight, if he wins the battle he will have the throne, if not he will embrace valiant heaven is a perfect example......who else can give such suggestions to decide other than my Sri Hari.

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