Thursday, September 28, 2017

1098. Bagalamukhi (Dasha Maha Vidhya)

Vade Vade Jayathe Tattvabhoda (Every debate enhances the understanding of Truth). Here we should understand that the discussion and debate has to be to understand the subject better. The healthy debate turns into a vicious argument the moment Ego comes in. Every Siddhanta (Doctrine) tabled by our great Acharyas had the Khandana (Refutation) and Mandana (Embellishment) and before that the either parties would be familiar of the other persons point of view this is called Purvapaksha.

Apart from these healthy discussions there is Vitanda Vada (Unreasonable Argument) which we see regularly in electronic media debates. While the one who is participating in the debate with good intentions is bestowed by Vakdevi (Saraswathi), the one who wrangles is paralysed by Bagalamukhi.

The Eighth Goddess of the Dasha Maha Vidya (Ten Wisdom aspects of Shakti) is Bagalamukhi. Bagala is a corrupted version of “Vagala” Vagala in Sanskrit is Bridle.So we can derive that Bagalamukhi is the one who puts bridle to the mouth, stopping the flow of speech. The speech is suppressed for a short period of time. It is an intermediate immobilisation of the speech in the flow of a dialogue. It is Stambana (Arrest) of speech and not a permanent impediment. She restrains the flow at the critical moment of the debate and then let it go when it is of no consequence. Bagalamukhi thus is the Stambanakari who has the power to paralyse the entire universe. She has hold on the word as it is she who gave birth to the syllables.

Iconogrphy of Bagalamukhi shows the Goddess holding a Gada in her right hand which represents the manifested speech. In her left hand she is seen grabing the tongue of the demon who represents Durvakya (Bad Word). She blesses her devotee and grants him the Samyama (Control) over the faculty of speech, which is the first and foremost step to conquering other sensory faculties.

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