Friday, September 15, 2017

1089. Jai Hind....!

The definition of patriotism is given as devoted love, support, and defence of one’s country; national loyalty.

Is it constitutional to say “Jai Hind” asked one of the panelists  yesterday on a debate on television. The debate was on the Madhya Pradesh school children answering the role call by "Jai Hind" instead of present Ma'am, yes Sir.

Many of us do not know that Jai Hind was coined by Zain-ul Abideen Hasan, son of a collector from Hyderabad. When Netaji wanted to introduce an Indian form of greeting for his army, and for independent India. Various suggestions came. Hasan suggested 'Jai Hind'. Netaji liked it and it became the official form of greeting in Indian National Army (INA) which was later adopted as the official slogan of the country,

A nation stands by its armed forces not only during war times, but during any given time. They celebrate the victory together. Together they dream of taking their nation to new heights, the solider in the boarder and others within. Together they hail the country.  What is wrong when we feel same for our country India? What’s wrong if we hail by saying “JAI HIND”.

There is so much negative thoughts about my country in the minds of a few who consider themselves Intellectuals and quite often they just don’t want to discuss or talk about it. I remember there is a dialogue in the movie Rang De Basanti, “koibhi desh perfect nahi hota hai, usse perfect banana padta hai” (No nation is perfect, it has to be made perfect).  Now who should take the responsibility to make it perfect??? What is wrong if the administration of my country take the initiative??? Should we expect someone else to take the responsibility???
They say if we are not the part of a solution, then we are the problem. 

Our country has made advancements in almost all sectors but there is still greater distance to cover in terms of displaying patriotism. Yes, agreed that a nation does not become great with slogans, instead when its citizens do great things. The great things we do should start with hailing the country.  There is a need to change our attitude towards showing love towards our country which drives our nation forward. That way we will be a part of the system and bring positive changes.

Politics is not a dirty game, but there are dirty players. If we say that we don’t promote wrong things and we are neutral then that is paradox. If we don’t oppose traitors and anti-nationals then we are certainly encouraging them. 

The vision of Independent India became a reality when our freedom fighters came together and fought the imperialists, which was initially considered impossible. The situation is same, they drove out the outsiders then now we need to clean up the insiders who oppose patriotism. Every country has this problems but only a few do not throw up the solution. As a responsible citizen, we need to provide the solutions.

One has to remember that the country is our mother and we have to be responsible enough to say that I am going respect her by shouting on the roof top…..”JAI HIND”

If you agree with me just type JAI HIND.

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