Monday, September 25, 2017

1095. Bharavi (Dasha Maha Vidhya)

Dark induce fear. There is nothing in dark that can make us feel frightened but the obscurity in it intimidated us. Just exactly as we fear darkness we also fear effulgence. The only difference though is that in the extreme luminosity we are not obscure. That kind of fear is what a seeker experiences when he hears the name “Bhairavi”. The fifth in the Ten Wisdom aspect of Shakti is Bhairavi. Bhairavi is referred to Agni (Fire), Vidyut (Lightning) and Surya (Sun), which represent the three forms of light characteristic to the three worlds, the inferior world, the intermediary world and the superior world, corresponding to the physical, astral and causal universes.

Devi Mahatmya describes Bhairavi as a composite form of Maha lakshmi, Mahasaraswathi and Mahakali. She resides in the muladhara chakra.
The iconography of Bhairavi is in her two hands display the Abhaya Mudra, urging us to have no fear, and the Varada Mudra, the gesture of granting boons. She holds a Mala (Rosary) signifying devotion, and a Pustaka (Book) signifying knowledge. It is said that Bhairavi ignites passion and also grants us the power to control it.

The effulgence that Bhairavi emits shines on every facet of our existence, making it knowable. It is that light which sustains the created order, even though there could be shadows here and there in this realm of duality. As the light grows stronger it roots out darkness from every corner. It eventually grows so bright that the created forms dissolve into pure radiance, and what remains is the state of spiritual illumination in which we have no more individuality, no more our identification with the infinity. And that infinity is Maa Bhairavi.

May Maa Bhairavi illuminate our path....!

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