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1094. Bhuvaneshwai (Dasha Maha Vidhya)

The fourth in the list of Dasha Maha Vidyas is Bhuvaneshwari. Bhuvaneshwari has two words combined in it “Bhuvan” (Universe) and “Iswari” (Queen); She is the Queen of the Universe.

Now, for the question as to how this universe came into existence we have the answer in Purusha Sukta saying that Purusha took the form of Hiranya Garbha (Golden Foetus), the primordial atom and emanated into this Brahmanada (Cosmos). That Purusha who emanated had three distinct Vibhaga (Department) namely; Satyam which is the essential Truth, Ritam which devises that essential truth to transform into a creative reality and Brhat is the colossal energy which is required for Satyam to become Ritam. This colossal energy is Bhuvaneshwari. It is very difficult to understand the concept of Bhuvaneshwari if we start seeking using words and language; if one enters into silent mode then she unfurls herself.

To make us comprehend her, the puranas have mentioned her to be Aditi, the wife of Sage Kashyapa. Let us go into Tretayuga. We know Bali, the grandson of Prahlada was a great devotee of Maha Vishnu and he was ambitious to conquer every kingdom. His military expedition went on to defeat every kingdom on this earth plane. After His conquer on this earth plane his army set foot on Swargaloka (Heaven). Indra. the son of Aditi was taken prisoner. Then Aditi did Payovrata to beget Maha Vishnu as her son Vamana. Vamana is also reffered to as Upendra (Upa –Indra, Junior to Indra) in Vishnu Sahasranama. Maha Vishnu as Vamana measured the immeasurable.

The Purusha who had emanated into this Cosmos was the only one who could measure the immeasurable. And to make it happen it was for that colossal energy to bring in Vamana. Hence Bhuvaneshwari as the great mother using her Maya could bring the vast infinite into finite form and then carry that finite form in her womb.

As she was able to hold in her womb the infinite, Bhuvaneshwari is accepted as Brhat (Vast) and also she has the Shakti energy which is Maya. As Akasha is also Brhat, Bhuvaneshwari represenst the Space Element. Space manifests in physical as well as mental realm. Our Spiritual Heart (Hridaya) is the only place where the physical and mental combine and in that vastness is the seat of Maa Bhuvaneshwari. This thought denotes that Bhuvaneshwari is never away from us or we are never away from her presence. We may often forget, and most often we do, owing to the innumerable diversions which claim our attention and involve our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Still, Bhuvaneshwari as the light of awareness is ever present, illuminating and making possible all experience. Without her presence, we all would be Shunya (Zero).

The iconography of Bhuvaneshwari shows her holding in her upper right hand a goad and in her upper left hand a noose. This is to show that she as Maya is the one who binds and also liberates us. The other two hands are in Abhaya (which indicates not to fear) and Varadha (which indicates the bestowing gesture) Mudra.

May Maa Bhuvaneshwari bless us all....!

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