Wednesday, June 6, 2018

1159. Sunlight and Precious Stones.....!

Sunlight falls equally on Diamond, Quartz and White stone. Diamond glitter the most while quartz sparkle a little and white stone shimmer the least. The ability to glitter is not because of the Sunlight but the inherent nature of the stones. Just like the Sunlight we get Prerana (Motivation) from the Avicchina Mula (Eternal Source), our actions are like the glitter from the stones.

Our actions are propelled by our inherent Gunas. Satva Guna pushes the individual to indulge in action befitting all. Rajo Guna draws towards self regarding action. Tamo Guna will not let the individual know which action benefits whom.
These Gunas influence the mind on taking advice to rectify the way we perform our actions.

Pandavas who had Satva Guna in predominance agreed to Vidura Neeti. Kauravas were attracted to Kanika Kuta Neeti. Kanika was the cunning minister of Dhritarashtra he was learned, shrewd and crafty.

Kanika Neeti advocates to “threaten the timid, bow before the strong, bribe the greedy, kill the enemy, if you want to succeed in royal path”.

It says, “Carry your enemy on your shoulder when times are adverse. Once times become favorable, break him, as you smash a mud pot on a stone slab”.

It also advices “Never have mercy on anyone irrespective of whether he is weak or strong, but don’t display it to world. Make the world believe that you are kind and compassionate. Look for all possible chance to kill those who are against you without them suspecting your actions”.

The Kanika Kuta Neeti is a guide lines to the political class now. Every word in it applies to the attitude of a selfish politician of recent times. Not all politicians have the mentality of going with Kanika philosophy there are a few who thread the path of Vidura Neeti too. If those who follow the words Vidura increase and those who heed to Kanika reduce we have a nice place to live.

Going against our inherent nature is not as simple as said but it is not impossible. Once we know that we are going against the will of nature then we need to change course. It is just the matter of acceptance. Even Duryodhana agreed that his actions were against Dharma and he knew about it but did not wish to rectify his actions. It is just lack of will.

For example both Kamsa and Dronacharya knew by whom they will be killed. Kamsa knew that the son of his sister would kill him and Dronacharya knew his friend Drupada's son will kill him. Kamsa ordered to eliminate all the new born in his Kingdom while Dronacharya taught Dristadyumna the art of warfare. Though both were killed according to what was destined the approach made the difference.

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