Saturday, June 16, 2018

1165. Time or Action Management???

“Main Samaya Hoon” the resonating voice of Harish Bhimani with a wheel on the background begins B.R.Chopra’s Mahabharat serial. The concept of using “Time” to tell us the “Tale” was extraordinary as Time is Eternal. Time is the one which can claim to know all. When time is saying you will be hearing the accurate as Time is an Ever Existing Entity.

Time moves with the same speed, it neither lags nor does it lead. We have formulated the pace of the time by naming it as second, minute, hour, though Time does not make any changes in its accuracy. A day is also taken as the reference of Time, but it is only the period of one revolution of Earth around Sun. Or could it be the lunar phase for those who follow Lunar Calendar. Both ways it is the measure of Time and superficially we calculate Time on the earth based on the movements of Sun and Moon.       

Let us contemplate deeper. In fact, the time is not decided on the basis of the movement of the planets. The movements of these planets are on the basis of the time. We, the inhabitants of Bharathavarsha are fortunate to have almost equal amount of daylight and nightfall for the entire year. While the countries nearer to poles experience a large seasonal variation in the daylight and nightfall.  Norway which is described as “Land of the Midnight Sun” has 20 hours of daylight. 

The existence of the time is primeval, and will continue to exist, irrespective of Daylight or Nightfall. The daylight and Nightfall does not make any change in the nature of the Time. Astonishingly though it appears that everything is being managed according to the Time. If so, how then is it possible to manage Time? When we say we need to learn to manage Time is it not an illusion. Time Management is an indication of our limited understanding of the nature of Time.

Instead of focusing on how to manage Time we should give attention on how to manage our Actions. If the time could be managed then why should we be in haste in some occasion and also complain about wasting it in another. Let us wipe out the illusion we have about Time management and concentrate on our Action management. The countries which have uneven Daylight and Nightfall have focused on how to manage Action and hence they are able to be on par with Time. 

Action management requires focus on planning and organizing the work activities of self and others. There is a Subhasitham which says “It is improper to start digging the well after the house has caught fire! We should be pro-active i.e. we should have the solutions ready even before the problem arise.”  Here the Action of digging the well is pitted against the Time when the house is on fire. This says that we need not wait for the Time when the house is on fire but Action of digging the well is foremost. 

Action management against Time management, I know this seem to look paradoxical but if we perceive it from Action angle and not the Time angle we will come to it.    

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