Thursday, June 14, 2018

1163. Truth....!

Sathya (Truth) unfolds through Pratyaksha (Perception), Anumana (Inference) and Agama (Verbal Testimony). As I understand Anumana is the connexion which connects either the Pratyaksha or Agama to Sathya. For Pratyaksha the sense organ I need is Eyes and for Agama I depend on Ears. If I am a Rationalist I believe only what I sees so for me Pratyaksha becomes Pramana (Proof) and if I am a Fanatic I relay more on my Ears. Either way in both occasions I might be deprived of Sathya as I am depending on my sense organs.       

In Anumana I get to use my sixth organ called Mind. If the Rationalist in me who insists more on Visual Opinion can contemplate on the Truth I seek, then I will know that sometimes Truth is beyond my perception. As a Fanatic if I believes on the Verbal Testament I should understand that Truth is beyond words. In both cases it is the Manana (Contemplating Mind) which concludes whether that which I have seen or heard is Truth or not.

Mind too cannot conclude on its own it will be helped by either my Chitta (Memory) or Buddhi (Intellect). If I see smoke on the mountain my memory helps me in concluding that there has to be fire on the mountain. To know if the Mango is ripe I need my memory which asks me to look at the colour through my eye, smell by nose and feel if it is ripe by touch depending on my past experience. But this is to know about the objects in the Prapancha (Universe), hence it is group of Pancha (Five) senses. 

While seeking for the Truth which is beyond my senses it has to be Buddhi (Intellect) which comes to my aid. Mind is in between my memory and the intellect, if my Mind chooses Memory it will be with my senses and whatever my mind concludes will be favourable to my body due to sense gratification. This is what Yama told Nachiketa about when he mentioned about Preya (Pleasure). Preya is what I, as an identity like which pleases me. It is the “Pleasure Principle” that makes me feel good, no-matter what the consequence is.

If the same Mind is with Intellect, the Truth which unfolds may not necessarily be that which is cognised before. Intellect has the capacity to look beyond the realm of Mind as it is always aligned with Super Consciousness. The output of this approach is Shreya (Pleasant). If my Mind chooses the best consequences, whether it makes me feels good or not, often forgoing a temporary pleasure for the sake of a lasting benefit, it is Shreya. 

Truth is always in the midway I need to be rationalists as well as fanatics by using my Memory and Intellect respectively. Mind if stuck with Memory or with Intellect fails to comprehend the Ultimate Truth.       

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