Thursday, June 7, 2018

1162. Lacrimal Fluid of Maharudradeva.

Botanical Name: Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb.
Family: Tiliaceae, the Lime/Linden family.

Rudrakshas are not properties used in movies to portray a character wearing it to be a Gangster or a Ruffian. They are Beads of Power with which the Yogis of Himalayas maintain their health and kept their mind in tranquillity. The Yogis also used them for self-empowerment and to develop fearlessness from the physical hindrance on their path towards Liberation.  

According to Srimad Devi Bhagavatam while fighting with the demon Tripurasura who was invincible, Maharudradeva had to use a weapon called Manohara Aghora. That weapon had the consolidated power of all deities put in one, hence it was so powerful and dazzling that even Maharudradeva had to close his eyes for a second while using it. The Lacrimal Fluid which flowed out of his eyes when he closed felt on the ground and a sapling sprouted and went on to be a tree. The fruit berry that grew on this tree was called blue berry and the seed inside it Rudraksha.

A group of scientists from of the Institute of Technology University in Banaras conducted a research to find out if the thousand year belief that the Rudraksha bead can cure is true. A combined research was conducted by a team of scientists from various faculties like Biochemistry, Electrical Engineering, Psychiatry, General Medicine and Psychology. The research proved that the bead does have powerful Electro-magnetic, Para-magnetic and Inductive Properties. These beads are said to induce Alpha State of Mind (State of Awareness) by sending signals to brain through the galvanic cells which results in rise in confidence and inner strength and also simulates the nervous and the endocrine system so that respiration is normal and there is calmness in the physical body.

It has been found that the beads can send Bioelectric signals to the brain and stimulate and enhance the brain to create positive impact on the activity of neurotransmitters and helps in maintaining a balance in the Dopamine and Serotonin levels. With the balance of these two biogenic aminies there is a possibility of transformation in the personality, mindset, attitude, charisma and also confidence of the individual who is wearing a Rudraksha bead.

Is just wearing a Mala of Rudraksha Beads be helpful?? Yes, it is proved that wearing of Rudraksha controlled heart beat and had a positive effect on Blood Pressure, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Palpitations and Lack of Concentration. But for the evolution of Spiritual Consciousness one can take the leverage got from obtaining the Alpha State and use the mind to concentrate on a Bija mantra like “OM” or a Maha Mantra like Maha Mrutunjaya Mantra.

While Srimad Devi Bhagavatam provides us the needed explanation from Vedic Knowledge pertaining to the unexplained attraction towards the Enchanting bead, and today's Science has scrutinized the effect of the bead, and provided information on how it can help mankind to enhance their ability to move towards a happy, healthy and blissful living.

{PLEASE NOTE: Just as we have adulterated and duplicate items being sold in market, a few in an intention to make fast buck sell spurious beads online BE AWARE of them}

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