Tuesday, June 19, 2018

1166. Positive Thoughts Positive Vibrations....!

The ability to visualize and imagine is the special feature that makes my brain better than those of other creatures. Visualising and Imagining is a trait which is bestowed only to Human race. I can do this with the help of the frontal cortex in my brain. It has researched that there are numerous nerve cells in my cerebral cortex arranged in definite patterns, but in order. This visualising and imagining helps in removing fear by developing faith this is called positive use of it. If the same act increases my fear then I am using that trait in a negative mode. Faith and fear can never remain simultaneously so positivity and negativity cannot stay together.

Scientists have observed that a human brain is both broadcasting as well as a receiving station as far as thoughts are concern. My brain is capable of catching up the extremely high vibration of thoughts that are generated by other brains around me through the medium of the space, just as we see in the radio broadcasting principle. Positivity and Negativity that is experienced by me depends upon the vibrations generated by other brain. If I am in contact with a person who is gloomy there is negative vibrations and that low feel pours out on me too. If I am with a cheerful, it means that person is in positive vibration mode and that high elevates me too. In both cases the chances are that the emotions of thought gets amplified. If the cheerfulness amplifies then it calls for a celebration but what if the gloomy mood encompasses??? Is it possible to avoid negative vibrations and face only positive vibration???

As told above a human brain will catch up only those vibrations which are extremely high. Thoughts are energies travelling at an extremely high rate of vibration. Thought is responsible to receive negative or positive vibrations. If observed we are most surrounded by people who love to talk more about those people who have caused harm to them and they seldom talk about people who are helpful to them. It shows that they are negative prone people who want to portray themselves as victims always. It is always better to keep away from the negative prone people. Now, how is it possible to know if a person is negative prone unless he talks to us or interact with us?

Our ancients have suggested a secret that is to pray every day early in the morning. Prayer is to develop positive frequency in the brain. Once the positive frequency is developed in the brain the thoughts become optimistic and firm. This can be experienced throughout the day and we receive and broadcast only positive vibration. Is offering prayers the only means to achieve positive frequency, if so, what is the fate of an atheist or an agnostic???

An atheist or an agnostic can also develop positive frequency; the best way to achieve it is by Self-Motivation. Irrespective of what kind of people are around us these are the two ways one is to surrender to God through prayer or to Self-Motivate. Initially it is little difficult but as we follow this routine it will become habit and hence our second nature. Then no negative frequency can catch us. The best time for a Prayer or Self-Motivation is early in the morning. 

There are a few who practice both, they pray to God and then they say to themselves “Today I am going to be happy, whatever the situation is I am going to put my best potential to triumph over it. I believe God is do not inflict any problem which I cannot solve and no one can irritate me without my participation. I am not going to get disturbed by anyone if possible I will cheer others.”

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