Wednesday, June 6, 2018

1160. Politicians and Voters....!

At the time of Monarcy the saying was “Yatha Raja Thata Praja” which meant the “As the King so his Subjects”, that is if the King was good his subjects were good. As we are now electing our leaders in Democracy the saying has to be altered to “Yatha Praja Thata Raja” which means “As the Public so is their Leader” since we are electing our leaders as we are. Unfortunately in democracy a person who has not approved a leader should also bear with him if he wins with majority. In yesteryear's we had leaders like Kamaraj Nadar, Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel, Lal Bahadur Srivastava Shastri, whose ambition was to serve people. But today we find it is not democracy but just a mob rule. Real democracy is the one when every individual is protected by state for keeping his views and acting against what he feels is not good to his society. Here we have got nepotism and caste politics. There is no Dharma. The leaders have forgotten that they are elected to serve the people and they have taken politics as a profession and are purchasing power utilising the corrupt means to influence on the voters.

Amazingly there are thugs and rowdies who have control over the mass with their money and muscle power in politics. Also it is unfortunate that those who oppose those elements have to face the blunt of having them as leaders. Ironically in democracy the votes can be purchased and the poverty and pleasure seeking mindset has made the voters sell themselves to these thugs and rowdies. Astonishingly these leaders who have made their way up in political arena shamelessly use the loophole in the law to safeguard themselves from their misdeeds. I personally feel that to those who use the loop holes of the law to save their skin have to be tackled with procedures which are not mentioned in the rule book. When the majority are aware that those thugs and rowdies are misusing the power and defending themselves before the court of law using the loopholes and making the mockery of justice it is high time we need to deal with such elements in a different way.

When Sri Krishna came to Mathura along with his big brother Balarama, King Kamsa who was waiting to kill them both organised a wrestling match. It was announced that the bout was to be treated as sport and Kamsa’s greatest wrestlers Chanura and Mustika were to fight Sri Krishna and Balarama. The entire town had gathered to witness the match. Kamsa himself was seated in the royal pavilion. Krishna took on Chanura, and Balarama wrestled with Mustika. Before the match Sri Krishna told the gathering that the match was an eye wash and He was fully aware about the plan of Kamsa to have both the brothers killed by Chanura and Mustika. Krishna hence did not get into the wrestling ring as a sportsperson wearing the sporting gear. He announced that when the ploy was to kill then He too will accept the challenge as combat and not as sport. Krishna was not a hypocrite He announced initially that He will kill Chanura, as He does not consider this gambit as game.

There are times when we need not go by rules when we are tackling crooks…..

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