Friday, January 3, 2014

352. Absolute is Sindhu and me a Bindhu………..

Absolute is a vast Sindhu (Ocean), while I am a very small Bindhu (drop of water) in it. What can I offer him for all the grace He has bestowed on me? Nothing I offer could ever equate His grace on me. Irrespective of whether I worship, praise, or adore Him, He is always to my rescue as the eyelids protect the eye from foreign objects. He protects all but His task is not visible to us just as the work of the eyelids is not visible to the eye.

If He is there to protect and rescue us, is it necessary for us to go to His place and worship or pray to Him?

No, not necessary if we are aware that He is within us. There is always a spontaneous out-pouring of devotion towards Him. This devotion takes shape of love which does not look for reciprocation, it is Nirvyajya Prema (Indisputable Love). This experience is supreme and there is no selfish expectation from Him. With such a mindset a true seeker knows that Absolute is omniscient and understand that He is there for him in every single second of his lifespan. This awareness is not got all of a sudden it is a recurring process. First it is faith towards Him that has to be develop which is followed by enchanting pull towards Him and from there high regards towards Him, this high regards towards Him leads to restraint of mundane desires. With the restrain of mundane desires there is single-mindedness and satisfaction. Then there is affection and indisputable love towards Absolute which leads the seeker to an eternal union with Him and culminates in oneness.

Indisputable Love on Him alleviates the burden in heart and removes envy, hate, yearn, fury, egoism, pride and arrogance. It infuses delight, divine ecstasy, bliss, peace, and knowledge. All cares, worries and anxieties, fears, mental torments and tribulations entirely vanish. The devotee is freed from bondage and is undeterred by the cycle of births and deaths. He attains the immortal abode of everlasting peace, bliss, and knowledge.

There is no sense in looking at Absolute as a businessman who responds only if we offer Him. He is available for the rich as well as poor, strong as well as weak, atheist as well as theist. It is a false notion that we have to offer Him something or the other to obtain His grace. What can we offer Him when everything is His and Him????? The flower in the creeper is His, fruit in the tree is His, and water in the river is His. Only thing which I can say is mine is this Mind …. I offer my mind in the way of remembering Him always and this is the only genuine offer I can make.......
What say??? 

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