Thursday, January 23, 2014

374. Can Plaintiff win Case not appearing before the Magistrate?

Every animate and inanimate substance has its own existence, but darkness as an entity has no existence of its own. Darkness is what our mind makes out of light not traveling to the rods and cones on the retina of our eyes. It is a no-light region for the absence of light. A small light is enough to drive it away. Darkness cannot be displaced by darkness. Darkness is only driven out with Light not with more darkness. The feel of Dark is because there is lack of Light and same is true with Ignorance it is just lack of Knowledge and for Hatred it is lack of Compassion. Once we are aware of that Light, Knowledge, and Compassion present in us the Darkness, Ignorance, and Hatred just fade away from us. From the ancient times there has not been a single evidence to prove that Darkness and Light, Ignorance and Knowledge, Compassion and Hatred had ever coexisting with each other.

Once Darkness went to Lord and complained, “Oh Lord, I have no place for myself and hence have no privacy. Every thing in this universe created by you has a place of its own. What mistake have I done?? Light always trespasses and does not let me stay at peace in one place, he drives me away all the time. He is after me always chasing me, as if I have done a huge blunder to him. This I feel is a great injustice done to me. No one is helping me in this regard, only you can as you are Supreme Lord over all.”

Lord listened to it carefully and said He would look into the matter and get back to it soon. Then after sometime He called Light and asked him to explain why he was not letting dark to stay in one place and always troubling and chasing it. Light said, “O Lord, what are you talking about???  By the by who is this darkness? I have never come across anything like that, let go troubling or chasing it. Please I would request you to let it come and complain against me in front of me.”  

Even to this day the case filed by Darkness against the Light is still pending as it is impossible to bring darkness and light face to face. Lord knew that it is not possible in the nature of things because darkness is not a reality. It exists and yet it does not exist. It falls into the category of things which is there when something is absent. And so are Ignorance and Hatred they too have no place on their own. There is not enough darkness in entire world that can put off a small light; likewise there is no Hatred enough to encompass a modest Compassion. And a little lamp of Knowledge is enough to burn off Ignorance, just as the dry leaves would turn to ashes when it comes in contact with fire.

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  1. You have interestingly explained that where there is light there cant be darkness.nice manoj.When there is no light we say it is dark.Scriptures say there is only we are ignrant of it we are in dark.darkness and ignorance are similar.With knowledge ignorance disappears.very good point.