Saturday, January 11, 2014

360. Gates of Heaven are Open but have you obtained the Visa???

Eleventh day of the second fortnight of Maragasirsa masa is popularly known as Vaikunta Ekadashi. A Vaishnava who is fasting on the Ekadashi which occur twice in a month holds this particular day in great esteem because it was on this day the great devotee Nammalwar, went back to the Lord and Maha Vishnu stood at the door of Vaikunta with its gates open to receive His devotee. It is believed that ever since on this day the gates of Vaikunta will be open and to commemorate this great event, all Vaishnava temples create a Vaikunta Dwara - a special entrance which opens towards northern side.

As mentioned there are two Ekadashi in a month and the one which appears on the Krishna Paksha, the first fortnight when moon is waning is Bhakti Pradta (Devotion bestowing) while that which comes on Shukla Paksha, the second fortnight when the moon is waxing is Mukti Pradata (Liberation bestowing). Today's Ekadashi is Mukti Pradata Ekadashi and hence the gates of Heaven are open.

Well, I am too insignificant to know if the gates are open in the Macro Cosmos (Brahmanda) but in Micro Cosmos (my body) the gates have to be open to the lotus which represents purity and is a symbol of Bhakti. I am sure that He resides within my heart. Though I perceive Him everywhere, I feel He is in my heart, the spiritual center manifesting as Paramatma or Antaryami. He dwells in the lotus heart of every devotee as it is His Sanctum.

It is not the physical heart but the spiritual heart that the lotus represents. Maha Narayana Upanishad says, “One should meditate upon the Supreme – the limitless, unchanging, all-knowing, cause of the happiness of the world, dwelling in the sea of one’s own heart, as the goal of all striving. The place for His meditation is the ether in the heart – the heart which is similar to an inverted lotus bud. Like the bud of a lotus, suspends in an inverted position, the heart, surrounded by arteries. In it there is a narrow space which supports everything.” It is here that He dwells.

If I wish to enter the house of a person whom I have not seen before, I have to request permission from the owner of the house to let me in. The owner also might think twice before letting me in or in most case he will never let me in. But if I my heart has the qualities of tenderness, sweetness and love and not shrouded with I ness, the owner experiences that I am all heart and immediately his heart will become one with mine and chances are there that he might let me in.

This subtle area of infinity radiates and is the most expressive and intimate representation of the Humanism. If the gates are open to this sacred vibrations, the warmth of the Truth can be felt. For it is here the most important revelation that can never be induce through any scriptures is revealed, which is called LOVE and COMPASSION

This is the VISA which is needed to be produced at the Gates of Heaven........ try to get one as quickly as possible..!!!!! 

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  1. The Wise said that heaven and hell are in the mind.When the mind is with negative thoughts one feels restless and with the mind is pure with love and compassion the feeling is like staying in heaven.!!!!. our scriptures put a lot of effort to make us understand us the importance of the purity of the mind.When the mind is peaceful one s performance levels are ver high. in the world outside also. Nice points manoj.