Thursday, January 30, 2014

384. Self is Realized if Mind is Vanquished………..

Awareness in general is to know or be aware of and every human mind is aware of something or the other. For that matter we all are aware, even if I say I lack awareness the thought I know that I lack awareness is also awareness. Isn't it???? 

This awareness of things around me will help me live a better life in this material world. Awareness of the product a sales executive is supposed to market has its influence on the sales and helps him to progress in the marketing field. Imagine if just the awareness of a product that one has to sell has the influence, what about awareness of my own Self, the inner companion?
The word awareness of the Self is Self-Awareness and this Self-Awareness is not just being aware of my body or the mind. As my mind and body are dependent of others for its existence. Awareness of Self is going deep inside to the core of my existence which is independent. 

My mind is responsible for knowledge of the inert world, but my mind as it is, is inert hence it is not aware of Self. My mind is aware of objects around as it has gets power to do so from Consciousness. Now the Self observes the inert mind as Self is itself Consciousness. To become aware is to convert the unknown to known literally. So in general my mind uses the Consciousness and makes the unknown object known. Here my mind as the subject brightening up the object. But understandably my mind cannot become aware of the Self because the Self is what “I am”... evident, aware. 

My mind need not try to make a Herculean task of making the Self aware of Self, simply because the Self is self revealed. "I am" is always experienced my me in every incident of mine like while I walk or run or dream or sleep. Self awareness does not require mind, or let me say my mind has no part in enlightening the Self. There are efforts made to know about Self through the mind but it is futile effort. Mind always borrows Consciousness from Self, the relationship between the Self and my mind is like that of Sun and Moon. Both have the capacity to illuminate but one is light by itself while the other merely reflects light got.

There is no point in trying to be aware of the Self by using my Mind. The self is realized only if the mind is seen indifferently. 

Mind has two ways of looking at the world around; one is through the Objective Mind, here the my mind perceives external objects by the information that come from my five senses and process that information through reasoning and, depending on my likes and dislikes, interprets the observations in terms of attraction and repulsion. The second type is through the Subjective Mind, the information received from the objective mind filtered through my emotions and stored in my memory and when required it is used to create the projections on that stored information with the help of emotions and the memory of likes and dislikes that it got from objective way of viewing the world. This subjective mind has the doer-ship in it and hence is an enjoyer also. The objective mind is not at all the problem, it is this subjective mind that is the hindrance to know the Self.  If this subjective mind is vanquished then the Self is realized. 

Now the most important question "How to vanquish the Subjective mind?" ...... It is not an Herculean task at all..... just surrender to the Absolute and try not to compete with Him with Ego to create. Even the creative thought in us is bestowed by Him as the projections in our mind are surely creations. Total Surrender is the only way to avoid becoming the Doer. Also it is the most easiest way to accept others creativity also without getting insecure. I hope I am right ... the lack of will to surrender is to be blamed..... Right????


  1. Mind generally turns outside as it is full of thoughts and itis busy in fulfilling them.It never questions whether it is independent or dependent..rarely it turns inwards.!!.Then it becomes aware of the source.once it is aware it merges .inthe source.

  2. Beautifully written Sreeram & so true. Some very good points made here.