Wednesday, January 29, 2014

383. Farmer tills soil to sow seed & Spiritual Seeker tills Mind to sow Good Thoughts.

The process of having a good thought in my mind which I can supposedly transform it into a good deed is similar to the process of cultivating a good high yield crop. 

This is a small attempt to highlight the similarities in Agriculture and Spiritual Practice. 

To cultivate a good crop I need to have a land that contain fertile soil. Every individual is already bestowed with a mind that is suitable to sprout divine thoughts.

As every fertile land is filled with some rocks and gravel that veil the fertility of the soil so do the attitudes and ego causing selfishness and self-centeredness make my mind unworthy for a good thought develop. I have to identify those rocks and gravel and clear them from the field. After that the field has to be softened and leveled so that it is suitable for sowing.

How can this field be made more suitable for sowing? What is the instrument that can perform this important task? It is again my mind that will bring out this transformation in my mind by working as a plough, but only a stable mind can till the land. Hard surface of the land can be softened by tilling it. With the help of two oxen called Knowledge (Jnana) and Dispassion (Vairagya) and the plough call Devotion (Bhakti) I have to till the mind to soften it.

Now the land is soft and level it is time to add organic manure to make it fructiferous. The mind also has to be prolific and to make it so the dose of Scriptural Treatise (Adhyatma Bodha) help. 

Now as the land is fit for sowing seeds the mind is fit for the positive thoughts. As the seeds begin to sprout in the soil so do weeds also, there are negative thoughts as well that sprout in the mind. I need to pull them out so that there is more space for the positive thoughts only.

For the saplings in the soil there must be continuous supply of water daily to the field to grow. The positive thoughts in my mind thrive with good company (Sat Sangha).  

Control over my Senses (Indriya Nigraha) acts as scarecrow to keep the birds called Desires (Kama) which try to pick away the crop. I need to put a fence of Faith (Shraddha) and Patience (Saburi) to keep the stray cattle and trespassers called Anger (Krodha), Greed (Lobha), Attachment (Moha), Pride (Mada), Arrogance (Darpa), Hypocrisy (Dambha), Prejudice (Asuya), Intolerance (Irshya), Jealousy (Matsarya) away.

With all such precautions I need to wait for the rain in the form of Divine Intervention (Dhi Shakti) to shower on the land. 

Agricultural experts give a lot of advice on their experience on improving the quality of the crop and I have Masters and Gurus who pour out their experience to show me the path.

For a better pollination the crops of the neighboring fields also plays an important role. Likewise I need share my insight with my surrounding and also try to gather information to have a significant outcome on the journey of my life.    

If I sincerely work in my field I am sure to reap rich (Liberation) …… do you agree with me????

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  1. very good example manoj.The good seeds of vedantha knowledge are necessary and continuous watering with good thoughts and care it will give good results.