Monday, August 1, 2016

853. Husband and wife......

My grandmother (my father’s mother) would touch the feet of my grandfather and seek his blessings as soon as he has had his bath in the morning every day, as a small kid I used to watch this. One day I asked her why thatha would not touch her feet and get her blessings. My grandma laughed and said she was younger to him and she had to seek blessings and he would seek blessings from God. I wondered if he was seeking blessing from God why not my Grandma too seek blessing from God. I was too small to understand at that age.

“Patiye Pratyaksha Daiva” (Husband is visible God) was the feeling a woman would harbour at those time. Woman folk then believed that husband were not mere human. He was the Kartha of a family. He was the one who would take care of the family and his responsibility was to shoulder all the hardship in maintaining well-being of the family. It was a nice gesture to seek the blessings of a man who care. Moreover traditionally at the time of marriage, every man would take an oath to look after the woman who he is about to get married to. But this does not mean that husband is superior to wife at all. 

A few men who think they are superior to women should understand that without a woman they would not have appeared on this earth plane. Amazingly it is because of the nurturing at infant stage by a woman who is a mother; they have reached an age where they are able to think they are superior to women. Not only their childhood but all along their entire life span they need to have a woman to assist, guide and motivate them be it as a sister or even as wife.

Absolute has done justice in creating male and female species. If He has given man strength and might He has balanced it by conferring women with beauty and grace. While He gave men the ability to gain worldly knowledge He gave the role of guiding that knowledge to women. He made men to go out and fend for the family while the responsibility of love and care was on women.

Husband and wife are advice to compromise with each other to sustain bond with each other. Why should they? By compromise it shows that either of them is superior. It is like Anivaryata (Inevitable) situation. But in reality it is not and should never be so. Married Life is not a string of compromises, if so, and then it is never strong. Instead of compromising to each other if they try to compromise with the universal law and lead life then there is no Anivaryata required at all but unknowingly they will have Anyonyata (reciprocity) as we see between a bee and a flower. 

Wife prays for the well-being of her husband and brothers on certain days. Today happens to be Bheemana Amavasya and for the wife to pray for the well-being of her husband or a sister to pray for the well-being of a brother, the husband and brother should earn to deserve it…….What Say???     

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