Sunday, August 14, 2016

860. Indian Independence...!

Talking and doing whatever one feel is not Independence.

Organizing a event to slogan against the integrity of a country is not Independence. Yes there will be flaws in every decision that has been taken in history. But a mistake cannot be corrected by another mistake. This is not democracy, democracy stands on the tripod with the legs namely Karyanga (Bureaucracy), Nyayanga (Judiciary) and Shasakanga (Legislature). If either of the one is targeted in the name of freedom then democratic values get fractured.
Those who are against the legislature are now trying to support those elements which want to wage a war on it. It is like a enemies enemy is a friend. The group which never got alone are now together to see that the integrity of my country is broken. Looks like the evangelists who are funded to convert more and more people into their religion, the naxals who do not have guts to voice their issues in a democratic way and the religious fundamentalist in the name of jihad have come together with a sole intention of creating disharmony.

I do not understand why the so called intellectuals get worked up when a hardcore terrorist is shot dead by our armed forces. Any individual or any group which tries to take advantage of the situation to twist the tale and want to induce their ideologies are cowards. There is a lot of stage shows being conducted in collages by these anti-nationals to incept those ideologies into the young minds. A few days back there was a event organized by some anti-nationals in a college in Bangalore and there was aa  stage shows which depicted our Armed Forces as villains in Kashmir and the audience were simply watched the Yamaha while only a few raised objection. Unfortunately those few who tried to voice their views were asked to leave the auditorium by the police present there. Is this why our ancestors got us Independence for?  Why are we letting a few take the advantage of freedom of speech and expression to distort the news and spread it.
Love for the nation will never let those anti-nationals to even think of attacking the integrity of my country. We are a happy nation with lots of compassion in our hearts but that need not be the advantage for those with anti-nationals. Now it is become a passion and fashion to those page three aspirants to talk rubbish about my country and my country people. This will stop by when we ignore them and their work. This will be a great tribute to my country on this 69th Independence.

Wish all my Friend a Happy Independence Day


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