Tuesday, August 16, 2016

861. Give back the good in you before you go!

We have the two great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata to guide us to live a virtuous life. These two epics have in them all the lessons for mankind to enhance the way of life. There are few similarities in both the epic, though the big striking similarity being the war which was the triumph of Dharma over Adharma. Apart from this striking similarity there is one more subtle similarity which needs to be pondered upon. In Ramayana at the end of the war Ravana was on his deathbed and in the Mahabharata war we find Bhismacharya on the bed of arrows waiting to shed his mortal coils.

When the whole of the vanara sena was celebrating the victory Shri Rama instructed his brother Lakshmana to go to Ravana and request him to share the knowledge of Rajaneeti (Political Science). Again in Mahabharata after Kurukshetra war amidst the pile of bodies, Sri Krishna insists the Pandava brothers to acquire knowledge from Bhismacharya. Sage Valmiki and Bhagavan Vyasadeva feel that Ravana and Bhismacharya have in them the legacy of knowledge which needs to be flowing for generations to come.  

Every single individual in this creation has in him some knowledge which the generation next would benefit from. Those who know the value of that knowledge like Shri Rama and Sri Krishna would recognise it. That valuable knowledge if not tapped will just vanish at death. Knowledge does not outlive death when kept secretively. Knowledge is obtained by experience and to acquire this experience it could be a lifetime, but one can share it in no time at all.   

Every day our experiences make us to churn out vast amounts of knowledge. The knowledge could be of material world or spiritual world. The knowledge of the material world could provide us confidential information by which we can have a competitive edge. That was what Shri Rama wanted Lakshmana to learn from Ravana. The spiritual knowledge can provide us the path which can lead us to merge to our source. That was what Sri Krishna wished Pandavas would know from Bhismacharya.

In the modern world Knowledge Management is a big plus point. To know about anything and everything is a must and only those people who believe in it know its power. One must understand that whomever he interacts with is a fountain of knowledge, irrespective of whether he likes him or not. One has to make conscious efforts to absorb as much as possible from the one who is a powerhouse of knowledge. Also it would be wonderful if the one who knows about something is willing to share it with other who doesn't know. There are only a few great personalities who can recognise the knowledge like Shri Rama and Sri Krishna who guide others to seek it from them. So it is better to take the initiative in sharing what is known. It is the best one can give back to the society from which he has gained a lot before he passes away..........What say???

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