Tuesday, August 9, 2016

858. Futurist Thought and Conservative Ideas............

In this Vyavaharika Loka (Relative World) there is a constant tiff between a Futurist Thought and a Conservative Idea. Futuristic thoughts bring in enthusiasm, sense of progress, no prejudgment, and swift action. In Conservative Ideas there is authenticity, wisdom of legacy, validity and safe action. Although both have their own flaws too, while Futurist thought is embodiment of conjecture, the fear of experimenting something unknown, its cogency is hidden till the future divulges it. Conservative Ideas annihilate innovation, is stuck in time, it could be irrelevant to the future.

If there is ambiguity regarding which has to be followed between the two we have Samavada (Discussion). Some of the Conservative Ideas could be blocking the views towards progress and in such situations Dharma Shastra tells one has to discuss with others and contemplate within. “What is the right thing to do” should be objective of such discussions. The Futurist Thought should never surpass the principles of the past and the Conservative Ideas should not hamper the novelty of the future.

We have seen many occasions where the Conservative Ideas has been used as Anukula Shastra (theory of convenience). Shakuni uses it when he asks Duryodhana to challenge Yudhisthira to play the game of dice. Shakuni knew that game of dice was the weakness of Yudhisthira and moreover a Kshatriya would seldom refuse a challenge. Yudhisthira accepted knowing very well that it would be detrimental and that too for the second time.

As far as the Futurist Thought one can point to the marriage of Draupadi to the five brothers, it was revolutionary and against the regular norm, though it did not become a trendsetter it was very authentic. Also when Dronacharya and Bhishma stuck to the old Conservative Idea of being loyal to the king irrespective of whether the king was Dharmic or not, Sri Krishna used a Futurist Thought to break the misuse of the Conservative Idea. Dronacharya and Bhishma were overpowered by using the new law of utility. One has to keep in mind that the Futurist Thought which has been set to break the Conservative Idea must be based on principles.

Look at the new fines for traffic violations in Motor Vehicle Act which was approved by Central Government. Here the law is the Futurist Thought to make everyone abide to traffic rules, but Conservative Idea of “India against Corruption” is not discussed it could be like icing on the cake for corrupt officials to make more money too. Hence it is important to see that Futurist Thought and Conservative Idea go hand in hand with the sole understanding that everyone surging ahead should not forgo the principle……What say??? 

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