Wednesday, August 3, 2016

855. Action and Reactions...........

It was a cold chilly night all of a sudden a dog started barking in the street. Then a few more dogs from the adjoining street joined the lone dog and they all started barking together. The other dogs which joined the first dog do not know why they are barking, but still want to make their presence felt. This is called Avegasheela Pratikriya (Impulsive Reaction). This is how sometimes a few share the messages on Facebook or WhatsApp. They do not know the authenticity or check the validity of it yet they share. Why and what for they are doing so they are least bothered to analyse. One can observe that this impulsive reaction happens in an instant, it is hysterical.

A few years back an aged lady used to work in my factory, she was an introvert. She was very good at work and she was the one who was brewing tea for all of us. Somehow few workers in my factory did not like her and for anything that might go wrong in the factory, they would blame her. There were many a times when I would ask others not to jump into conclusions and blame her for every unforeseen occurrence that happens. But they would never mend their ways and continue to blame her. They had decided to intentionally drag her into everything. This is called Buddhipurvaka Pratikriya (Intentional Reaction). If we observe here this reaction is not instantaneous, it is a way of expressing covert feelings of anger and jealousy.  

A person riding a two-wheeler was off balanced while negotiating a pothole and he lost balance and fell down. He had noticeable bruises on his forearm. Immediately a lady from house opposite came there with a jug of water. The injured person was made to sit on the pavement for some time and he was given water. After a few minutes the man thanked the lady and drove off. The lady who got the water displayed Svaabhaavika Pratikriya (Spontaneous Reaction). She had not seen him before and maybe she won’t see him again in future. She just responded in a natural way seeing someone in distress. 
Now every action has a reaction but if we look in deep we find that it could be impulsive or intentional or spontaneous. For an intentional reaction too much of thought process is involved but amazingly the impulsive and spontaneous reactions happen in a jiffy without a second thought. On the surface they both look as if they are one and the same but rarely can they be used interchangeably. Spontaneity is infused with all sorts of positive connotations. It means to follow our natural feelings without restraint and when we just get an idea we go for it. There's nothing holding us back and hence we are free to do. However in impulsive reaction though we act without thinking it is often used pejoratively to refer to instances where we should have thought before but failed to.  

Spontaneous Reaction is an external action in response to external stimulus that inspires an internal response for a positive outcome. Most importantly in such reactions we do have control on that action. Impulsive Reaction is an internal response that manifests externally as action which is out of control and mostly with negative consequences. 

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