Wednesday, August 24, 2016

863. Sri Krishna in dual role…..

Sri Krishna seems to be portraying a dual role. He was Mohana (Charming) to the residents of Vrindavan but was Maraka (Dreadful) to His Mama Kamsa. Kamsa lost sleep by mere mention of His name. He was a Sakha (Friend) to Arjuna but a Shatru (Foe) to Duryodhana. He was Uddharaka (Saviour) to Sudhama but a Samharaka (Slayer) to Shishupala.

Was Sri Krishna a dual personality???

No, He was the same always. Sri Krishna proclaims, “Whenever there is a decline in Dharma (righteousness) and an upsurge in Adharma (unrighteousness), I manifest.”

True to His words He manifests again and again.
To establish Dharma one may not get a peaceful start, but it will certainly end in peace. There could be a lot of violence which could be unavoidable while upholding Dharma. This is the inevitable reality of life and the Law of the Universe. When Adharma takes over by unnatural means and creates conflict and chaos, then the individuals who are on the path of Dharma may for a short period of time struggle to fight to the best of their abilities and could sometimes fail also. It is here Sri Krishna comes charging in to destroy the representative of Adharma, thus establishing the Dharma again.

Now, from where does He come charging??? Is it from far away place??? 

No, He is not coming from anywhere outside of us. The dual role that He plays is in us. The people of Vrindavan were enchanted by Him by simply knowing Him to be inside them. Mama Kamsa could not find Him inside him; hence he was afraid of Him and would shiver if anyone uttered the name of Krishna. Arjuna who spent most of his time with Sri Krishna knew Him as equally as he knew himself. Duryodhana did not know about himself, let go knowing about Lord. He valued the Narayana sene more than Krishna. Sudhama had seen the power of his classmate when they were in the Guru Sandipani ashram. He felt safe when Sri Krishna was around him. Shishupala also knew that Sri Krishna would count 100 abuses and then He would use His Sudharshana Charka on him. Sudhama had this (Prapatti) surrender attitude while Shishupala had the (Pradosa) sedition attitude.  

So, to make Him our friend or foe depends entirely on us. Sri Krishna as an entity is same, if we follow Dharma He is our friend if we are on the Adharma side then He will automatically be our foe. We can have Him for or against us……This Janmastami I wish the entire mankind to make Him a Sakha so that He be our Uddaraka. Let His grace be there for all those Dharmic souls irrespective of Nationality, Religion, Caste or Creed. 

Happy Sri Krishna Janmastami to all my Friends.

Krishnaya Vasudevaya Haraye Paramatmane
Pranatah Klesha Naashaaya Govindaya Namo Namah.

We offer our obeisance unto Krishna, Hari, son of Vasudeva. That Supreme Govinda vanquishes the afflictions of all those who surrender to Him.     

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