Friday, August 5, 2016

857. Mind: Prison or Prism???

Yesterday one of my friends on F.B posted a comment on the write up Ravana: Great or Good???  

He posted thus: Every one see Truth, through his mind set, and Truth is coloured with their thoughts. Truth can be perceived as Truth only, when mind is free of thoughts and free of memory. This is the extreme state of Yoga. Yogi can see the Truth, and all our ancient books are narrated by Yogi.

Contemplating on this I could summarise so.

I was at my factory supervising the schedule material dispatch for the day. My mobile phone started ringing. “What are you doing?” asked the voice from the speakers. It was my friend on the other side. “Nothing” I said.

Was I doing nothing??? I questioned myself. No, I was thinking about the dispatches, as the phone began to ring. I wondered who could be on the phone, could it be the transporter to tell the vehicle will be late or was it the client wanting to know when the consignment will reach his place or was it anyone else. True, there was many thoughts in my mind yet I said I was doing nothing. Doing nothing physically but mentally it was chaotic. Mind is a cluster of thoughts it is like a prism.

When I was in college we had this Newton’s prism experiment. It was quite exciting we were told to project a beam of light on the prism at certain angle and we could observe a spectrum of seven colours. A pure white ray enters into the prism and is divided into seven colours and a spectacular rainbow is formed. To the prism one single ray of light is enough to bring a rainbow of colours. Likewise to the prism of mind one single ray of Truth is enough to bring in rainbow of thoughts. If not seven which is the fixed number for the rainbow, there is no fixed number of thoughts in the prism of mind, at the least starting with two. 

The Prism of mind divides; it cannot see the whole as one. The nature of mind is always to think in terms of duality. Hence they say mind is dualistic in nature, it thinks in terms of thesis and also antithesis. Love and hate, compassion and wrath, greed and charity, hot and cold, summer and winter, pain and pleasure, wet and dry, dark and bright, white and black, they all go together it is as if they come in a package. They are not separate but the mind continuously creates that.

When I say “Beautiful” I have “Ugly” too behind in my mind. How can I talk about “Beauty” if I do not know what “Ugly” is? My mind has divided views and it is bipolar. If I say “Pious” I have said “Profane” too. My mind divides but reality is one. Then what to do? Mind has to be put aside. Can I do that, no my mind is the mean for knowing I cannot put it aside.

While doing the experiment in the college lab I just enjoyed looking at the spectrum of coloured light. Though the incident white light was a beauty, the spectrum was spectacular. …. I can just enjoy the duality as I enjoyed the spectrum..if not mind will be prison...So simple…..So profound……….Am I right???

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