Saturday, November 5, 2016

889. Which way to go???

Vibheeshana tried a lot to convince his elder brother to set Sitadevi free. When Ravana was adamant to let go Sitadevi, he felt he had no other way but to disown his brother and join hands with Shri Rama. He felt being correct is more important than being loyal. He crossed over the sea to join the camp of Shri Rama. 

Bhishmacharya knew very well that the sons of Dritharastra were not on the path of righteousness. He had promised his step-mother Sathyavati that he would safe guard the clan. He felt that loyalty is more important than being correct. Hence he remained loyal to the blind king and tolerated all the atrocities committed by Kauravas. 

Now what made Vibheeshana join Shri Rama and Bhishmacharya fight for Duryodhana?

There are many such incidents in puranas where it is so complicated to choose between Nistha (loyal) and Nyayya (correct). The situation is no better today and will remain the same in future too. There is too much confusion among us to choose and there are many superficial factors like nepotism, attachment and ignorance too which cause hindrance to choose the better. When I read the incidences from the past, it makes me realise that the turn of events could have been different if the characters had at different times made a different choice. Like for example, if Sitadevi had just enjoyed the sight of the Mayamruga (Golden Deer) and had she not requested Shri Rama to get it for her, maybe the Rama-Ravana clash might have not happened. It is never easy to determine what correct move is at that particular time. 

Astonishingly what I might feel correct and pursue for, could well turn out to be a boomerang after sometime and hit me hard. I could be bound to the word of commitment, decrees, customs and personal interest that may force me to do what I do. Also sometimes what I do which I think is correct according to me could be labelled by others as wrong. There can be more than one dimension to this tussle as everyone has their own point of view.

So what has to be done???

Maharshi Valmiki writes very well on this issue. When Vibheeshana joined Shri Rama camp, Shri Rama asked Lakshmana, “What would you have done in a similar situation? Would you have been loyal to your brother or ditched him?”  

Lakshmana answers, “I know my brother is always correct, I stand by him.”     

Was Lakshmana displaying just loyalty here? No, he was using his “Viveka” which is the by-product of Buddhi, the discriminating faculty that is available only to humans. 

Bhishmacharya too could have consulted his intellect and decided on the fate of Kuruvamsha...... What say???   

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