Tuesday, November 15, 2016

895. Take up your Responsibility...... It is the trait of Adulthood.

“Go and exchange the old notes for new ones in the bank you have holiday today and bank is working on Sunday too to provide new currency for us.” told the mother to her son. 

“I get a day to take rest and you spoil even that. Moreover I cannot stand in the queue and waste the day.” screamed the son. The mother finished her daily chores at home and ran to the bank to exchange the notes. The difference in the approach that can be observed in the mother and son is the will to take up the responsibility. 

Responsibility is not to be accepted it is to be volunteered. A worker accepts responsibility while a leader volunteers it. Leader takes the initiative and steps forward. He announces his availability and makes his presence felt by taking up the responsibility. We not only have the power to take responsibility of our own life, but within us is the enormous loads of energy to take the responsibility of others too. Just the will to take up the responsibility will trigger the volcano of the energy needed from within. 

Responsibility assumed has to be unconditional, as what is not unconditional can never be done. When conditions succeed the responsibility fails and if the conditions are redundant then responsibility has a real meaning.   
Every individual alone must discharge his responsibility. Even Sri Krishna did not take up the weapons when Arjuna discarded them at the start of the Great War. Sri Krishna gave the sermon on the responsibilities of a warrior. Arjuna was thus motivated. Only when one feels responsible for his life, he can skilfully respond to all that life throws at him. The first step towards adulthood is to assume complete responsibility. There is no better way for a man to create himself than to assume responsibilities. By taking responsibility there is a power to change and thus it is like taking charge of life. 

There could be a beautiful canvas, various vibrant colour paints and a very flexible paintbrush, the quality of the portrait is the responsibility of the painter. This shows that the quality of life lies in the responsibility taken. Of all the creatures man alone can assume the responsibility to make this world a little better than what it was. Any task in life if perceived as Kashta (hard) will only appear to be even harder. While the same task is perceived as Ishta (fond) then it can be done with effortless ease. It is better to stop viewing responsibilities as a burden and start seeing them as opportunities. Every individual has the opportunity to be the architect of a new better world. One should never miss the responsibility of being the co-designer of the new world. 

Responsibility is in ensuring not to let a moment pass by without making the presence felt. Adding value to every moment and transforming every feat by adding value to it. 

Let everything transform in our presence so that we too get transformed as well. In helping others to find themselves we can find ourselves. This is the responsibility which can make us all the reformers of the modern society..... What say??? 

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