Friday, November 25, 2016

902. Bandh cannot be Civil Disturbance Movement.....!

Strikes, demonstrations, boycotts are the common forms of protest used to bring in the change across the globe. We in India have Bandh (Strike), Dharna (Peaceful protest), Satyagraha (Urge for truth), Annashan (Hunger Strike), Gherao (Encirclement) as means to display the dissatisfaction. The protests have brought about drastic changes in the social structure while in few occasions it has also been the birth of a new political party or an organization. 

Earlier such protest was undertaken to ensure civil liberation, equality and justice. In recent times bandh has become a joker’s ploy. Bandh had its legacy in Civil Disobedience Movement, now it is transformed into Civil Disturbance Movement by those jokers.

Bandh not only hampers productivity but also causes huge damage to public and private properties. Further it adds to the mental agony, uncertainty, insecurity and puts public in a helpless situation. Not all are against bandh, a few anti-social elements just love them. The high sales of liquor on the eve of the bandh stand as proof. Some are happy that it will be a paid holiday and they can idle away time watching the horrific incidences of the day beamed on news channels. 

Recently in my state Karnataka there was a huge protest on the Kaveri river water dispute. Many government buses and private transport vehicles were set on fire during bandh causing enormous loss to the exchequer and as well as individuals. I felt with the advancement of communication technology there are better ways to reach out to the authorities concerned through well formulated representation. Several institutions are in place to ensure that justice is done to the affected. Sadly the organisers of the protest think that to draw the attention of both the public and the concern authorities the intensity of the damage to public and private properties is the criteria. The more the public property is damaged the more aggravated the protest is and more successful the bandh becomes. This kind of thinking is sickening to the society.     

Now after our P.M announced the demonetization drive to curb Black Money the opposition parties have got together and announced BANDH. No, I am not saying they should not protest, but it is more important for them to assess the public opinion so that the civil rights of public is not disturbed and the state administrative machinery is not sabotaged. It would be sensible to question the demonetization drive through the institutional structures in the society. If there are no favorable institutional structures, it is still possible to present their views directly to the high authority or reach the public whom they represent through the widely present electronic and social media. These are the facilities a responsible person or a group can exercise in a democratic platform. It is sheer foolishness to adopt hypocritical tactic of civil disturbance to achieve their objectives.  

As it is this Bandh that is called for is against the wishes of the majority of the public in my country. As per the voice of the general public that is heard on the social media as well as electronic media the demonetisation drive has the support of the large section of the public. Ironically it is those who hoarded the ill-gotten money who are feeling crabby the common man welcome the decision of the Prime Minister.

I do not support the Bandh and request my every brother and sister of this country not to support the bandh. This is in view of the “acche din” which our P.M had assured us all. 

“Na Khaunga, Na Khane Dunga”...... our P.M had said..... Let us strengthen his ideology by opposing this bandh.

Jai Hind......Jai Bharat.        

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