Monday, November 21, 2016

898. The amazing process of creativity.....!

When I look at the  ancient monuments or the modern skyscrapers I wonder how could we humans create such marvels???  

I could find the answer for it in Purusha Suktam. 

I understand a lot from those verses coming from Rig Veda on how everything has just emanated out of Purusha (Cosmic Being). I know that many who are scientifically incline may differ but my request to them is to find time to explore the great truths that are hidden compressed in Purusha Suktam. The Vedic verses comprises of compression of great thoughts into a few crypt verses called the Sukta (Su meaning Well & Ukta meaning Said) so Sukta is “Well Said.” 

For anything to be created there has to be two major requirements. The first is the Perception which becomes a concept for the creation that is the blueprint and that comes as a “Thought.” Secondly the resources that converts the tiny dimensionless thought into the seed of reality. This seed of reality then sprouts over time into a huge tree with the branches of time and space. 

From the Kailasa Temple at Ellora to the Kempegowda International Airport in Devanahalli in Bengaluru every single monument could not have been a reality if it had not been conceived by someone at some point of time. The Purusha which the Vedas talk dwells in that thought. Even more so that concept is refined, improved and extended and constantly upgraded. Our houses became a reality because there was first a perception of a need to have a protective environment that has to safe guard us as well as our family. 

Further without the resources it would not have been possible to convert the perceived image of a new creation into reality. Resources could be in the form of human effort, multiplying such effort, guiding such efforts in the right direction, eliminating chaos and conflicts in the utilization and synchronization of those efforts, addition of physical aids to such efforts, etc.
This is called the process of creativity which is very well highlighted in the Purusha Suktam, the great set of verses in Rig Veda. This verse is found in the Tenth Mandala (Part 10), of the Fourth Adhyaya (Section-4). 

Essentially Purusha is the perception that extends into a concept and the recourses is the energy called Shakti. According to Vedas Shakti is that which enables growth. 

Purusha Sukta points out at whatever has ever been created, whatever is likely to be created in future (Yadbutam, Yaccha Bhavyam) is nothing but Purusha which is the perception of the reality (Purusha eva idam Sarvam). And all that is created is strengthened and grows into enormously large beings or systems through constant nourishing – nourishing of Shakti in the name of resource into it (Yat Annena Atirohati). 
However, nothing can evolve unless it is rooted in something that has already been created before (Paadosya Vishwa Bhootani). Amazingly if something has to sustain without perishing then it has to have its foot in three levels (Tripaada). The first foot at the past creation that has existed before the new comes into existence. The second one is the present, into which the concept has to be firmly rooted. From there it has to take off to the third level by setting its feet into the future by putting its feet firmly into that which is yet to materialize (Tripaadasya Amrutam Divi).

From there emerges the enormous and multi facetted creation that spans several Desha (Countries), Loka (Worlds) and then the entire Vishwa (Universe) (Tasmaat Virat Ajaayata). It is like looking at the unending vortex in the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) image.  

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