Thursday, November 24, 2016

901. Why I am a Sanatani???

When I start to think why I am a Sanatani? I need to make clear about the word “I” which is used in the question. That “I” does not point to the Deha, the body which is identified by others as Sreeram Manoj Kumar, since it is ephemeral. That “I” does not refer to the Atma, the substratum of the all-pervading Absolute Consciousness, since it is eternal. 

Then who is that “I”???

That “I” is my Mind and Intellect index which the scripture refer to as “Jeevatma” (Individual Consciousness), it is neither ephemeral nor eternal.

Now what makes me a Sanatani???

I believe that we are all “Amritasya Putra” (Progeny of Immortality). Hence to me the whole world is a family. I am related to everyone in this universe as I share the same source. The source from which I come make me perfect. I am perfect with all the knowledge and instinct that I need. When I want answers I look within! From there I can comprehend the truth, the wisdom. External medium like books, encyclopaedias or for the matter Google can only show the path to that truth.

Being a Sanatani I rely on myself. I find perfection within myself. There is nothing for me to strive for. There is no effort to become something or be anything other than what I already am. Effortlessness lies at the crux of Sanatana Dharma.

If I am not perfect it is only due to the veil of ignorance. Ignorance due to the Vasanas (Tendencies) and Samskaras (Impressions) accumulated from past numerous births. To know the true identity all that is needed to be done is undo the effects of the years, civilization, society, education, degrees, ambitions and everything else. The true identity is the source that is pure and perfect.

As a Sanatani I experience the energy of God in every bit of nature. Be it a cow, tree, stone, sun, moon anything and everything in nature is energy. Just as nature accepts everything, so does a Sanatani.

Sanatana Dharma does not endorse violence of any kind. This includes the subtle forms of violence such as discipline, disapproval, conformance to rigid rules, coercions. Being a Sanatani I have a complete freedom. Freedom to choose my own path there is no rules and restrictions. Nobody compels me to read any scriptures or force me to go on pilgrimage. Whatever I do it is voluntary.

As a Sanatani I emphasize more on Being and less on Doing. The path I follow has made me understand that excessive doing is the result of a restless mind. The action which results when the mind is still and the heart is open and receptive is what is called Being.

Sanatani is just Being.......!!!

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