Tuesday, November 8, 2016

891. About the Spiritual Journey.....!

This is what I understand about spiritual journey which Sri Krishna had told to Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita. The Spiritual Journey is the combination of Karma Yoga (Action) and Karma Sanyasa Yoga (Renunciation of Action). Any action is classified as Dharmic (uphold Cosmic Laws) and Adharmic (Evade
Cosmic Laws).

Whichever action that benefits not only me but also others around me is Dharmic Action. Similarly any action which benefits only me and is detriment to others is Adharmic Action. Also any Karma (action) or Pratikarma (reaction) which becomes Pratibandha (obstacle) for me to excel has to be avoided by me. I should never do to others what I don’t wish them doing it to me. The best way to avoid Adharmic action is by undertaking Dharmic action. 

There are prescribed Dharmic actions which are grouped as five and are called Pancha Maha Yagnas.

1. Deva Yagna is my adorable approach towards the five elements namely Space, Fire, Air Water and Earth. I need to honour the five elements that constitute my physical body.

2. Bhuta Yagna is reverential attitude towards all plants and animals and my contribution to protect nature and my involvement to maintain the ecological balance. This yagna caution me about the importance of preserving the nature which is the loan taken from the future generation.  

3. Manushya Yagna is my social responsibility to involve myself into activities that make the society which I live a place worth living in. This yagna pushes me to thrive for those civilized thoughts which can bring in wellness in society.  

4. Brahma Yagna is my respectful contribution in practicing and propagating the scriptural knowledge got from various Maharshis, Acharyas and Gurus. This yagna lets me share that which I know and assimilate what I don’t know.  

5. Pitru Yagna is the grateful feelings I develop towards my ancestors in particular and senior citizens in general. There is no point in performing vast rituals after the death of the parents it is wise to take care of them when they are alive. One need not spend money on them just interacting with them can bring make them happy.
These Pancha Maha Yagnas which are prescribed actions for mankind bring in resultant fruits in the future. Hence I need to dedicate all those fruits of actions to the Absolute. In short I am neither the doer nor the enjoyer. After completion of every prescribed action I need to mentally channelize the reward of the work towards the one who has chosen me to do it.  

Finally, the most important thing is for me to experience everything as grace of the
Absolute. Whatever I am going through now is a just experience. I should never challenge Him by raising the question – why me? I need to accept everything calmly and coolly. I need to look for hidden message in and through all the experience especially the hidden messages in painful experiences that I might have. Every experience has a past history.

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