Friday, November 18, 2016

897. God is not a Praise Junkie.....!

A young man working in a corporate office was disturbed when he did not get promoted. To add salt to his injury his colleague got the laurels. He started to grumble, “I had been to Tirupati last week and climbed the hill bare foot, yet the Lord of Seven Hills did not bestow grace on me.”   

“God is very biased it is His injustice towards me. I get up early in the morning and worship Him. He has put me to deal with this nagging mother-in-law. My friend does not even go to temple or pray Him; her mother-in-law is so cordial with her. God is hardhearted” says a middle aged mother of two kids. 

There are many such grievances where we find people bring in God unnecessarily.  Can God be so??? In the first place what will God gain by doing all these??? Also why is it that all the great things that happen are labelled as “Self Effort” while for anything that goes wrong God becomes the culprit???

Further going by the philosophical point of view we have enough quotes to shield God like for example: “He has something better for you” or “He might give you a greater responsibility” or “He knows whom to give, what to give, when to give & how to give” or “He upsets our plan to execute His plan” And finally 
“His ways are unique, how will we mortals know.” These solace words are far better; we have also heard few asking us to “Praise the Lord” so that he will be favourable to us. Will it work so???

Listening to all these statement I have started to think if in reality is Man the creation of God or is God a creation of Man. We want God to act as we want; we want Him to be favourable to us. In this melee we worship and pray Him without understanding that He is not a praise junkie who gets high when someone adores, prays or worships Him. In the mad race to obtain His grace we have even disowned humanity, the stampedes that have occurred at the place of worship stands as a testimony to this. How can we expect Him be graceful if we behave inhuman??? 

There lived a Guru with lots of disciples learning about God, Nature and Life. Guru taught the disciple the Glory of God as well as the importance of love, affection, integrity and virtue. He would say helping hands are better than the praying hands.  There was one disciple who preferred to serve the masses instead of attending the rituals in worship of God in the ashram. 

One day a Sadhu from Himalayas came to the ashram. He had a book in his hand. Guru asked him about the book. “This is the book which contains the names of those people who love God” replied the Sadhu. He started to read out the names from it. The names included that of the Guru and almost many of the disciples in the ashram. 

Out of curiosity, the disciple who loves to help others asked the Sadhu, “Could you please check for my name too.” The Sadhu said, “Sorry, your name does not figure in it.” Hearing this disciple got depressed. Seeing him, Sadhu said, “There is another book with me which I shall bring tomorrow, may be your name figures in that.” 

The next day Sadhu came with the other book and as he opened it, the name of the disciple topped the list. Again out of curiosity the disciple asked, “Now what is this book?” Sadhu replied, “The book which I brought yesterday contained the names of those people who love God. This book, which I have brought now, contains the names of those people whom God loves.”
By praying and worshiping one may love God, but by doing what He wants us to do, we will be loved by Him.   

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