Wednesday, April 2, 2014

431. My Journey From and To the Divine Source…..!!!!!

I cannot consider myself as the physical body that everyone is witnessing. The body that I relayed on in my past birth had become unresponsive as Prana (life) left it. And my near and dear ones then had gracefully handed over the remains of the body to the five elements from which it had taken shape. So it is Bio-Physical Body. 

That Bio-Physical Body was a mix of:
Water - Intra cellular fluids, extra cellular fluid, blood in arteries & veins.
Fire - Amino and Gastric acids in stomach and alkaline juice in bile, pancreas and intestine which convert the food I eat to Chyle.
Air - In respiratory system.
Earth - Skin, flesh, and bones.
Space - Mind, desires, thoughts, ideas, ego, emotions.

Billions of Neutrons maintained my brain with electrical charge using membrane proteins by pumping ions.  

From all this I understood that my body functions through chemical, electrical, mechanical means so I am a Bio-Physical, Bio-Chemical, Bio-Electrical, and Bio-Mechanical body with a name, an ego and inevitable biological functions like hunger, thirst, desire to endure. Hence I compete with my fellow beings possessing an idea of survival of the fittest where struggle for existence is must. This has made me selfish and made me to over come all obstacles and live on as I egoistically know that I am the chosen one by the Divine Source.

At the start I was floating in the space gathering cosmic dust and awaiting the Divine Source orders for a suitable abode to accomplish the impressions and tendencies of my previous journey. I was aware of my previous existences and at that stage I had no attachments, no emotions. I was not concerned about all my previous abodes, was aware that I come from the Divine Source, and was anxious to repay my karmas and get back to that Divine Source.

The favorable moment came, and there was delight somewhere and as predetermined I found my abode in my mothers womb, where I had to spend 9 months, and even as I was inside I was vaguely aware of all that happened to me. I was fed up with the repeated arrivals at the womb and took an oath to stop this cycle. I was desperate to come out and made resolution that I will live a life of purpose once I come out and get liberated.

As the Divine Source and my Karma sentenced, the moment came and I was born, opened my eyes, took a deep breath, cried out loud, and completely forgot all about my past, my previous abodes, my cycles of rebirth and the resolution made in my mother’s womb. Now I am aware only of my hunger, thirst, my mother, later on my father, my people around me. Now I slowly developed likes and dislikes, pain and happiness, and a sense of ownership.

But somewhere deep within me in my core, I am becoming aware that all this is not me. I am not this Bio, Physical, Chemical etc body, not all those senses, not all those five elements. I am not me, it is something deep within and I have to realize that Truth, see my INNER Self with no name, no birth, no death, no feelings. That which is illuminating this Bio, Physical and chemical body is my Inner Self which is Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. The bio, physical, chemical things illuminated by that Inner Self only served the purpose of a journey just like how a vehicle would benefit a traveler. I do not know what will happen next or how long I must travel in this vehicle or change into another or when I may reach my Last Destination about which only my Divine Source knows.

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  1. ईश्वर बधाने सुखी राखे ज छे, अने आपणे अंतर ध्यान करीने तेनी कृपा पात्र बनता रहीए बस एज सु प्र भा त प्रभूना आषीश मडता रहे। नमस्ते।