Saturday, April 5, 2014

434. What is Prayer and When should I say my Prayers????

When Jeevatma (Individual Consciousness) is aligned with the Parmatma (Absolute Consciousness) the Dhi-Sakthi (Intellect Power) is charged like the way the electronic gadgets gets charged when plugged to the power source. This alignment is Prayer. Prayer has the power to alter the intensity of the consequences which we might have to endure due to our past Karmas. A wise person takes into account the various factors before indulging in any action and for him prayer is the primary action. Taking our limited knowledge and finite vision into account, having a better back up is always a good option. Prayer invokes the grace of the God which can act as a backup. However few may point out that praying might have done nothing ever, but my experience says “maybe if there were no prayer, a lot of other things could have gone wrong.”

Now to the most important question, is it just enough for me to say my Prayers? Will my prayers take care of my actions?

To drive my car I start up the engine by plugging in keys and turning on the ignition. Will the car move forward unless I shift the gears? Prayer without action is like staring my car engine without changing gear. The engine will be firing but my car will not have budge an inch. Having said that praying without getting aligned to Him is like trying to start the engine without filling the fuel, at this the car engine will fail even start.

A retired naval officer was employed to captain a cruise vessel. The cruise had young passengers on pleasure voyage enjoying the journey with Casino, Spa, Hot Tub, Lounge, Club and Gym. Before starting the cruise the old captain started to pray. The young holidaymakers laughed at the old captain when they saw him sit down to pray before starting off to sail.

“Why do you laugh?” asked the old captain.

One of them said, “The day seem to be perfect and the sea is calm. There is no danger for the cruise there is no need to waste time instead you could have started the cruise.” 

The old captain did not say anything.

However they weren't long at sea when a storm suddenly blew up and the cruise began to wobble violently. The wind was strong and the water from the storm hit the deck. The holidaymakers were terrified as the storm continued for hours and it was time they thought they should all pray for safety. Every single person on the cruise was asked to assemble in at the central hall.

Everyone got down to the central hall but the captain was at the wheel house. One of them came to the captain and asked him to join them in prayer.  

Handling the controls he replied, “I say my prayers when the sea and my mind both are calm. When the sea turns turbulent I attend to my ship.”

Prayer will not nullify the negative energy but will definitely provide us the strength to cope with it. 

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  1. wonderfully said.Along with prayer the correct action is required.It is a practical world.