Saturday, April 12, 2014

440. Spiritual Path as I understand and Experience......!!!!!

Spirituality is not going away from people and living in solitude, instead it is an inner process of awakening to understand and live a life of satisfaction and unconditional love. This path ensures us a better and healthy harmonious life free from stress and strain, uncertainty and anxiety.

Spirituality is a process to remove the wrong concepts we have on religion and dogmas. It has helped me improve my thoughts and rationalizes belief about the purpose of my life and the relationship I have with this world around me. Spiritual thought of all philosophies are same and emphasize on experiencing that Consciousness in me. To get a gist of this awareness I have to look inside my Self by shunning the illusions and unveil the Self that is shrouded by Ego.

Spirituality in recent times is used to project the superiority of religion and it is also used as a means to make money by certain organizations, this is a very bad precedence. By spend money and attending some class or courses one cannot become spiritual. Yes, I agree that Satsangh is important but only to a certain level. There are masters who initiate and show me the path and that is it, they can never take me beyond that. I have to tread the path by constant practice with intent to grow spiritually. Sorry, the term “grow spiritually” is not correct. Spirit in me is always perfect and does not need to grow. It is my awareness of who I am and my perspective of looking at life that makes the difference.

The awareness of who I am is got when I get back to my basics by remaining in seat of silence and try to listen to my inner voice. Prior to this I have to discipline myself by speaking truth as far as possible, and avoid hurting others physically or mentally. This can be practiced whatever religion or ideology I may follow. A seed is initially treated with Potassium Permanganate (KMnO4) solution and then sown in a moist and humid fertile soil to sprout healthy, but even after this process some do not sprout at all. In spirituality also an individual has to initially get acquainted with ethical percepts and then introduced to scriptural reasoning. Instead one cannot expect a seed to sprout dry and high.  Self-knowledge is the key, understanding my three bodies namely Gross, Subtle and Causal, and becoming aware of what is happening inside and outside. 

Now the question is: What is the benefit of knowing Self?????

By knowing Self and developing the ability to listen to my inner voice I become more tolerant and patient. Nothing can make me irritated, upset, or prompt me to develop negative thoughts. My instinct gets sharper there is an abundance of inner strength with positive vibrations. There is sense of detachment and dispassion that checks my Ego. Once there is control over ego there is no chance of outside circumstance affecting my moods and disturbing my mind. With an undisturbed mind I am sure of stillness in my mind to lead to peace. Hence spirituality to me is an experience of going beyond mind.

Spirituality should never be considered a myth or unreachable realm. Some have an age barrier for it and would not encourage youngsters on the fear that they may lose them. But the younger the better to take a dive into this path. Spirituality is within everybody reach and the need is to know it, practice it and experience it. Knowledge is required but it is not enough, contemplation of the knowledge is also not enough, and being initiated by a master is also not enough, to realize our Self we must sit in seat of silence which is just another form of contemplation. The answer I seek does not come when my mind is busy, the mind has to be still to obtain it…….What say????? 

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  1. I appreciate. To know self is the greatest achievement, if it is possible.