Thursday, April 17, 2014

444. Will my Responsibility towards my Country cease at Voting?????

Every adult who has the eligibility to franchise his vote has to cast it in a democratic system. We are not electing a leader instead we are electing our representative who will serve us. The one I intend to elect as my representative has to attend to my call 24X7 without fail. In democracy it is not the vote that counts but the count of the votes. So there might be elected representatives whom I might not have given my thumbs up too.   

A decade or two ago the voters were afraid to talk about the candidates in open, but today they don't hesitate to use online social media like face book, twitter, email, blogs, etc to support or demote a candidate. Now the question is will my responsibility end after casting my vote????

In this sovereign secular socialist democratic republic country we the people elect our representatives according to the Constitution of India. Democracy stands on the tripod with the legs namely Karyanga (Bureaucracy), Nyayanga (Judiciary) and Shasakanga (Legislature). If either of the one fails democratic values get fractured.

Every election gives us a chance to look for a person who can serve us better or in some cases we need to reelect the same person giving him a second term if he is serving us better. 
We know that we have beleaguered our nation since independence, we have brought the nation to a level where common man cannot get his work done in government offices without greasing the palm. Will electing a leader alone solve the problems? What is our personal responsibility in shaping the country? Though we have a sincere and able person who can look into our needs and serve us it is the responsibility of every citizen to join hands to gather and follow the law and order that is implemented by the one whom we have elected to represent us. Before calling someone corrupt we need to stop adopting fraudulent means for our personal gains.

In 1960-70 we had a very few corrupt politicians now we happen to see that even voters have become corrupt. People sell their vote right to those who throw currency at them and in some places electorates demand money to cast their vote. So our responsibility does not end at casting the votes it goes beyond that point. That responsibility is to be uncorruptable whatever may be the situation….. Suppose I have failed to carry my driving license and the traffic police personal have stopped me to check I need to accept my fault and pay the penalty not thrust a bribe….. I need to understand that I do not gained by paying bribe of Rs. 50 instead of Rs. 100 penalty because I have let a weed grow in the fertile crop of democracy by saving Rs. 50 for myself.

Unless every citizen loves this country and follow the rules no leader can bring a change……. A mere thought to change the leadership alone does not help our country become the super power let us transform individually to make it happen……..What say?????                

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