Thursday, April 10, 2014

438. Manasa Sarovar, the Lake of Mind…..........

Manasa Sarovar is a freshwater lake in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. Hindus believe that Divine Beings bathe here daily. My Mind resembles a still lake until a thought projects itself into it. The moment a thought gets into my mind it resonates just like a small rain drop creates ripples in a lake. The thought that is projected recurs creating more ripples which multiplies to a numerous thoughts and become unstoppable. In fact I can never stop them because unconsciously I keep on adding more and more thoughts until my mind becomes restless.

Restless mind is big problem with too many thoughts it is not easy to subdue. My mind is very fragile and I need to deal with it carefully, just like handling a small innocent child holding a sharp knife. The child will not let go the knife if it is pressurized, instead it holds it tight which could harm it. The tactful way to get the knife is by diverting the attention of the child by giving something more interesting and taking the knife. Mind also works in similar fashion.

Mind associates itself with whatever it finds amazing and interesting. It fails to understand the consequences of that association. It gets engrossed in the association that it does not realize the danger of the involvement. It is just like a dog that is licking the blood on a knife, it would love to lick the blood so much that it won’t know that in the process it has a slit in its own tongue and licking its own blood. Mind like any other sense organs is not easy to control and keep it away effectively from desire. If I am aware and try to control my mind or any sense organ, it seems to obey me for time being, but soon it takes its own course, wandering off. If mind is controlled by force then my intellect has to be on guard to control the mind always. The moment it relaxes; the mind will come back stronger. This is exactly the way children are well disciplined when the teacher is around and remain silent out of fear, once she is out of sight they start making noise. Similarly the mind can be kept in control as long as I practice some technique to control it. But ultimately I will be reduced to being its slave and have to keep a guard on it 24 X 7.

Mind control is the key, but how to do it??? We naturally feel pain when we are hurt; sometimes the pain is not severe if the attention of the mind is diverted. Why is it so???? Mind is the one which feels the pain not the body. Mind is like a kid the more you provoke it the more stubborn it becomes, at the same time if we learn to pacify it then it will heed to all that we say to it. If we have control over our mind then even under the gravest of frustrations it will not be aggravated to anger but will remain calm. In a lake a person is able to see the bottom only if the water of the lake is not murky. If the water of the lake is left undisturbed for some time the bottom of the lake is visible through the crystal clear water. Likewise if my mind is calm I am able to have the vision of my Inner Self. How much ever I meditate if I don’t have the stillness in my mind it will come back to create problems. Stillness of the mind is experienced if I sit in the seat of silence but before doing that my mind has to be clam and under control. Mind can be controlled by mending it tactfully and never by force. If my mind heeds to the words of Intellect instead of my Sense Organs it better and half the battle is won. With such Crystal Clear Mind Divine Beings come to take a dip in it daily …………Isn't it?????

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  1. very well explained mano about the mind and how it works.!!yes when we manage surface and let go again it comes to its natural state.!!! calm quiet still.where there is peace.!!!!