Wednesday, January 7, 2015

642. What is pain? Can we find means to overcome it? If so, How?

In ancient times when a saint or a seer blessed a person he used to utter “Tripida Pariharostu” (May you be rid of the three pains/troubles). Lets understand what those three pains that we humans have to endure are? What are the causes for it? 

There are three kinds of Pida (pain) that we humans face and they are AdhyatmikaAdhibhutika and Adhidaivika

Adhyatmika Pida (Pain due to one's own body and mind) is problems that are related to one's own self. These maybe physical and mental issues that one person has to deal within like diseases, trauma, anger, frustrations, envy etc.

Adhibhutika Pida (Pain due to other living beings) is imposed on one due to circumstances involving people maybe his family members, relatives or friends and events that come as part of one's Prarabdha Karma Phala (Resultant matured fruit of past birth deeds) like accidents, human contacts, pollution, crime etc.

Adhidaivika Pida (Pain due to natural circumstances) are those beyond our control which are caused by nature and may affect whole of the society like Tsunami, Earthquake, Volcanoes, and such Natural Calamities.

If one look into this on the surface he understands that all the three types of pains are inevitable and he has to experience it and move on. But further if he goes deeper into this he will find that he has no role in the one caused due to one his own self doing and categorized as Adhyatmika and the one which is beyond his control which are caused by nature and called Adhidaivika. 

Now the other is Adhibhutika which are due to circumstances involving people maybe his family members, relatives or friends. Here some thought could be given.

Well, now I am seeing in from the other dimension, why should I be the cause of Adhibhutika to others??? Why should I be the cause of pain to others? If we analyze it is the pain that has the root cause for others causing more stress and strain in the society. The pains caused by Adhyatmika (self) and by Adhidaivika (nature) are little and can I say it will have a huge impact only once and for all, but the Adhibhutika is very minute and will cause pain daily.

Two people may face same amount of pain, yet the experience and intensity of the pain is felt differently by the two. While one may get agitated and counter react, the other may not even feel it at all. It is all in the mind and what matters is the way we take it. Pain is never felt in the physical level but only at the mental level. Hence they use painkillers in case of casualty and anesthesia in surgeries. I have understood that the pain caused by others has a time frame it comes and it goes, if I am ready to let it go. If I want the pain to hoard like a treasure and won’t let it go it is with me forever as an unhealed wound. In this society where everyone wants the other person to be perfect, I seek that in my self without trying to find that in others. This awareness has set in the sense of responsibility and wants me not to harm or hurt others feelings. If I am aware that I am the cause of pain to others and can avoid being a source of pain then my conscience tells me to act in a much better way.

If every individual starts to think that he is not going to hurt others this earth plane will be a much safer and better place to live...... What say?????

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