Saturday, January 31, 2015

663. This is how Blogging help the Blogger and the Readers most!!!!

I am very fortunate to be on SNS where I can express my thoughts and know if they are on the right track. I have used this social media to express my thoughts through blogs. Many have felt that what is written in the blogs is ridiculous while few have concurred with them. Some have mocked, poked, pulled my leg but I know that by doing so they have helped me excel. I have always felt blogs are an excellent and effective way to reach out to great thinkers. A blog is a right and effective tool to persuade them to respond on a certain viewpoint that is hoarding as a thought in me. I might have blogged sometimes as a counter to the thought on another blog, but I have never used it to contest any another blog. A blogger has to share his thoughts so that the responses received will make him churn his thoughts to get the ambrosia.  
With the number of blogs posted and the responses received for it I have concluded that it doesn't matter much whether my thoughts are perfect or not, positive or negative, right or wrong; what matters most to me is are they helpful? A negative thought about anything being glorified in the blog may actually be true and could attract good responses some going for the topic while some going against it. But if it is not going to benefiting neither the blogger nor the readers, it is just an effort which goes down the drain. So dealing with thoughts really boils down to only one criterion it has to be helpful either to the blogger or to the readers. A blog which is of no use is seldom read as it is filled with unwanted words and unhelpful thoughts. Moreover if the blog has been helpful to the readers, the blogger has not to be credited for it simply because the readers has taken the blog in the right perspective and hence benefited.

It is found in research that up to 80-85 % of our mind chattering is unwanted and negative. It is never possible to stomp those negative thoughts instead it can be reduce by using a technique of acceptance. If one accepts and tries to pay attention to helpful thoughts only, automatically unhelpful thoughts get diffused. There are occasions when thoughts in the blog are inceptive. It could be of use or as in few instances could create unwanted rifts. The foremost step is to think if that particular thought in the blog is of use or not. One has to search for some answers to questions like, is this thought new to me? Should I continue reading this? Will this thought help me in improving? Does it help me develop my personality? Will it align my thoughts with my action and swell my personal values? Does it help me build relationship with my fellow readers?     
Does blogging help a seeker spiritually??? 

No, Spirituality is not about gaining anything or something new to be acquired. It is just being aware of all faulty thoughts and perceptions about our self and world around us. It is also about understanding those notions which have blocked us from reaching the source within us. It is about apprehending our association with one another. And comprehend our connection with life, all the living creatures around us, this earth plane, the vast sky, stars and other planets in it, the universe and beyond, from the physical realm to astral realm and spiritual realm that are visible and invisible to our naked eye.

Can a blogger get us all this? 

No, then what is the use of blogging? A blogger just gives out an expression, a feel of what it means to him. A blogger can never play Absolute and create a new topic which has not ever been talked about. A blogger generally tries to give a new dimension to a thought that had already existed. If a blogger has attempted to write a blog on a topic under spirituality, there is nothing new that he is going to put in the blog. There is no topic under the sun pertaining to spirituality that has not been touched by Sage Vyasa about 5000 years ago.  

With not much to grumble and with His grace I am able to blog my thoughts.....and....I'm lovin' it....:):):):):):)


  1. I think the purpose of a blog -- a good one -- is to share those intimacies of human connection that normally don't see the light of day in our every-day lives. For whatever reasons, this medium, the internet, is a universe of anonymous (for the most part) free expression and release that we are normally not able to express in our daily lives. Whether a blog, or its subsequent comments, has positive or negative feedback is not really the point. The point is that through the sharing of thoughts, feelings and beliefs, we enrich each other's lives and expand our awareness beyond what it was. You asked if blogging helps a seeker spiritually. I say, yes, it does, because when we are exposed to thoughts and beliefs that are different than our own, it causes us to reflect and mull over new information. We assimilate it into our being, turning it over in our minds, incorporating it into our deeper self, which leads to change on some level. And, I agree with you, that there is no topic on spirituality that hasn't already been covered by someone else in the past, but what is unique, even to old topics, is the human element of how someone perceives that information. So, blog on Sreeram, so we can continue to be the voyeurs of your mind. I enjoy reading your blogs, and although I normally do not publicly respond to them, I appreciate reading them, and appreciate greatly the time and effort on your part to maintain them and to share your insights and revelations. Namasté. :-)